March 29, 2012

3 7/16"

I hope I'm not boring anyone with all this talk of process.  I feel like I'm beating a dead horse....EEEEW.

I have another New Moon tulip on the EQ7 drawing board.

Call me crazy, stubborn, or whatever when it comes to things.

As it seems like I can't give up making the smaller/original version of the SM Twilight Quilt Reproduction to test it, I've had to grit my teeth and tweak my thinking.

Can you believe the tulips have to finish 3 7/16?!  (I'm going to check my math again, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.)

I love the way the my version of the New Moon Tulip block turned out.  I want to use that block for the larger-sized quilt.  I did fix that one section to get rid of that tiny white piece I was talking about.

Despite my reservations about doing so, I've tweaked the tulip block some more.  I wonder if anyone will be able to tell the difference?  I adjusted a couple of more lines and, GASP, I squashed the tulip a bit, ignoring aspect ratio, to make the new version square.  I'm hoping the tulip won't look too weird.  (I don't even know if I'm explaining myself well enough.  HUH?!)

In case you can't tell the difference, LOL, here is a comparison:

Four tulips coming right up!

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