March 24, 2012

A Beautiful Distraction: Quiltathon Saturday

I think my family must now how crazy things have gotten.  We're all going to take a breath today, including me.  I've been given permission to be a slacker.  I am going to sew today.  I actually started last night.  (I've not given up totally on completing some necessary chores, like laundry, as I am out of clean jeans.)  My older son is off camping this weeekend.  My youngest is having a Wii day.  M and C are off at Hunger Games.  I have to find something fun for S to do.....she's very upset that she didn't get to go to HG.  (She's 11 in a month, but we've heard it's not appropriate for the under 13.)

I'll be checking in today with updates on my progress.  I started the Modern Bargello quilt.  I'm also going to work on some other things. Bye, for now......

I've gotten the review of HG amd both C and M were disappointed.  I have to preface this by disclosing that C and M have read the books multiple times.  C was the most upset.  She feels like too much was changed and switched around.  M even says that the movie couldn't stand on it's own as a good movie.  Harsh!  He says that someone who isn't familiar with the books would get easily confused and find it hard to follow.

I've finished the first row of the Modern Bargello quilt.  It will be the only row I will be able to work on until I get the next set of fabrics in one of the colors.  I'm really liking the way it is turning out.  I was going to wait to add the top and bottom setting strips, but I went ahead and figured out the calculations.  I hope my thinking is correct.  I took the strip outside because I was having trouble getting a good picture inside.

**The pattern for the Modern Bargello is Mary's and can be found on her site in this post.  (towards the end of the post).  I only am using five different fabrics--picking out five was hard enough!  They are all batiks.  My quilt will finish 64"ishx76"....if all goes well.  LOL  (

an inside close-up shot of half of the strip

I am thinking that this would be a very good quilt to use for the quilting class that I am taking through Craftsy, Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine.  (The class happens to be on sale again, but I don't know for how long....In fact, many of the quilting classes look to be on sale so don't miss out! )

I had to step out for awhile.

I came back and cut up my Twilight T-shirt finally!

I still haven't decided if I will include the Nomads or not.  I'll attach the fusible stabilizer and think some more.

Well, it's technically tomorrow.  I plan on sewing more.  A friend hosted a purse party tonight.  I went for the drinks and apps, but left my checkbook at home on purpose.  I don't really carry a purse and I can't justify spending that much money.  I always think about the fabric I could buy instead.....

My goal tomorrow is to get that fusible stabilizer on the back of the T-shirt and to get it squared up.  I'm then going to get serious about designing the quilt it will be in.  I'm going to try to make the quilt fun along the lines of the Beyond the Block quilts.  I also plan on testing the New Moon tulip pattern.

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