March 6, 2012

Behind the Scenes Chit Chat: Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt (Part 1)

Does anyone watch any of The Real Housewives of ......  I've only watched a couple of times because M really doesn't like reality shows and especially not ones about a bunch of bitchy women who claim to be "friends", are more like frenemies, and are really much worse than that.  It didn't help that he lived through all this with me and could only shake his head when the New Moon Quilt Debacle happened.....

I'm pulling all my PMs from Twilight Moms and taking a trip down memory lane.  All communication will be saved. The Real Twi-Quilters

Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt

Iris to Shannon

As far as participation, I have a lot of anxiety issues as evidenced by my freaking out about the delays for the mystery quilt. I've about worn out my welcome here and I think being a supportive spectator may be the best for the project.

Can't wait to see your block--I'm sure it will be fab!!


What are you talking about, worn out your welcome?!? You're starting to sound like Bella! Please keep participating. No one wants you to back out!!! The whole medallion quilt was your idea after all, and I don't know if you meant that you wanted to create just one for yourself or a group seems like we just took over your ideas. Sorry. This should all be fun, no anxiety in a hobby, just fun times.

I think Lizzie has a very strong take over personality, but I think that will serve us well in just organizing stuff. I certainly don't want to do that "administrative" stuff. I'm just having fun seeing my obsession transformed into fabric fun! I was bummed when she wrote back that she was planning to do that whole center by herself and was debating for hours how to diplomatically let her know that it would be unfair to everyone else that's shown interest. But looks like she beat me to it and realizes that if this is truly going to be a group project she needs to relinquish a little control. And she's moving along faster than I expected....I have two young girls and a husband that works late, and to be honest, I've always been slow at everything. I had envisioned us even getting a little retreat together (Forks anyone?) to actually put together the top....don't know if we can pull it off, we're all scattered, it requires coordination of schedules, money, and how the heck do you go on a plane with a sewing machine, but we can dream and try!

So do you think you could keep coming along for the ride? From your blog and comments you're an avid quilter and wanted to do more Twilight Quilting. Is there something you'd like to change?



Shannon to TQC

Good Morning!

Like Bella, I can be "guilted" into doing things that I know I should do. LOL. My hesitation shouldn't be considered as any reflection upon other participants. Group projects are a challenge for me sometimes.

Please sign me up.


Elizabeth to TQC

Good Morning!

Today is the day we divide up the quilt! Hooray! Everyone keeps saying, "Please just assign me something." I hate to do that, so, if there are any particular blocks you'd like to do, please speak up! I'm really excited about this project!

Just one thing to remember, the finished block size is 5", so it should have a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around, making it a 5 1/2" block that you send to me. I'll be checking in and out all morning, so post on the thread, link in my signature!



Jean to TQC

Hi ladies,

I have never tried paper piecing, so I am thinking I would be most comfortable with Edward's Eyes and the cottage, especially since I have already done them for the mystery quilt.

I would love to try paper piecing; I am just not sure if I want to do it for something this important. Is there one that may be simpler than the others that I could attempt?

Am I doing enough with those choices? If there is anything else I can do to help, just let me know. I am looking forward to such a good opportunity to work on my quilting!



Shannon to Elizabeth

Looks wonderful! This helps me a lot....I'm sorry for your extra work.

I sent a message to group.

I included info about an offer from Quilts with Love to donate quilting and batting.

Elizabeth to Shannon


Don't worry about it at all. It was fun to put together a final layout template. I think it helped everyone out.

So, I saw your post and am totally excited about Vivian Love quilting our quilt. That will be awesome!

And I can be patient to see if the dancing couple will work for a 5" block, or not. Just keep us updated. Again, if you want to do the forbidden fruit in the center of the medallion, you're more than welcome to do it. I don't want you to think we stole your idea and are taking all the credit. I'm glad you're participating.


Shannon to Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

One of the reasons I hesitated so long in participating is because I have anxieties with participating in group projects and no one should have to put up with me.

What size is the Forbidden Fruit block supposed to be? Were you happy with the last one I made as far as fabric?



Elizabeth to Shannon


One of the reasons I hesitated so long in participating is because I have anxieties with participating in group projects and no one should have to put up with me. Don't worry. We'll gett'er done .

What size is the Forbidden Fruit block supposed to be? Were you happy with the last one I made as far as fabric? So does this mean you're going to do the medallion? It is 7", on point. I will send you what I did in paper so that you can see it properly, have it there to manipulate. I think that I enlarged the hands by 140%. I'll see if I can get a Word version of the pattern from Cat because when I tried printing it out that big, it cut part of the pattern off and did not continue it on the next page. Annoying. I'll also send you black fabric, because I really want the black in the medallion and the borders and sashing to be the same. In the individual blocks around the center, it does not matter. And, I can't find where you posted the picture of your last forbidden fruit block. So, would you mind sending me that link again? As far as I remember, it was great.

I found some white and cream fabric that both have iridescent sparkles on them, rather than gold or silver. If you want I can send those fabrics to you as well. But that is up to you
Are you going to do a second block? The dancing couple, if that works out, or something else? That would be great if you did.

Shannon to Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

(I've copied to Iris, also)

Forbidden Fruit:

5"finished, I had to square up quite a bit which I never do. H.E. I just wanted to get it done and may be wasn't as careful as I could have been.

When I enlarged my pattern for first try (10"), I cut out pieces and copied them individually at 200%. I wasted paper, but I had no issues of pieces being cut off.

That all said, I think it's silly for me to make a block with all of your fabric. It defeats the purpose in my mind. I am going to take a breath and say that I think you should just make the block. It makes the most sense to me.

I will make at least one block. I can't make an informed decision until I know if I'm able to modify the couple block. I should know by tonight if the mailman comes through for me.

I confirmed with Vivian by email that we will take her up on her quilting services. I thought you might want to email her directly. I know you've sent quilts out before so you are experienced with longarm quilter's needs.

Here is her original email to me:

Shannon, I just saw the quilt you guys are making for Stephenie Meyer on the Twilight Moms site. If they need a machine quilter, I'd be happy to donate my services and donate the batting. I'd love to help! Let me know! --Vivian

Quilts With Love

and her second:
Shannon, I saw your forum from the link you posted to my blog. The quilt is just beautiful! I'm not a member of your forum, but let me know if I can help. --Vivian

Quilts With Love

--- On Mon, 4/27/09, Shannon LaCount < > wrote:

From: Shannon LaCount < >
Subject: Re: stephenie meyer quilt.

Date: Monday, April 27, 2009, 9:05 AM

Dear Vivian,

I posted your offer and can't say thank you enough....again.

I should have asked earlier, are you a member at Twilight Mom's? I'm sure the gals, especially for this project, would love to "meet" you.

The woman who designed the Twilight Hands paper piece block has been chatting with us. She's not going to be able to contribute a block, but we have used almost of all of her patterns.



You might want to check in with her directly and let her know when to expect the quilt, etc.



Shannon to Iris

Dear Iris,

I copied you on the last email to Elizabeth about this block.

I appreciate the offer to make this block. However, I really don't see the point. I'm not trying to be difficult. I think I just have a different viewpoint. I don't want to be more than a glorified seamstress or blockmaker. IMHO, the purpose of a group project is to put one's personal stamp on it including using one's own fabric. I hope you understand my point of view.

I am excited about Quilts with Love quilting for us. She does great work and she's going to donate time and materials. I hope you are in agreement.



Elizabeth to Shannon

Shannon (and copy to Iris),

Sometimes what makes the most sense isn't what we want the most . I feel like I'm being really selfish with this quilt, so if you want to do the Forbidden Fruit, I am happy to have you do it, even with my fabric . I don't mind that at all. After all, it was your idea. Think it over. I'm dying to do it, but I am also going to make two for my quilts (I started two mystery quilts, so now I have to finish two. I will probably give the second to my best girlfriend/non-quilter/non-TM for Christmas. Or I may get greedy and try to sell it on Etsy .). You did a nice job on your 5" block. Let us know on the dancers. Thanks for the update on Vivian. Her messages were really nice and I'm so excited she's going to quilt for us. I'll e-mail her directly and coordinate with her.

and have a nice afternoon!


Elizabeth to Iris and Shannon (copied?)

OK, sounds good. I'll put you down for the meadow and you and Shannon can work out who does the forbidden fruit. It sounds to me like her hesitation is the group project as a whole and not that she's not interested in doing another FF block. Since the medallion was her idea I think she should have the honor of doing the center, if she wants it.

Cat sent me the parrot tulip pattern, so I'm going to test that out today and see how it goes. That will be really fun.

As for the back, I plan to keep searching for more of the scroll fabric. I really would like that to be the back as well. If not, I'll find a nice solid black. I planned on putting a sleeve for hanging (these are all questions I didn't answer last night, too tired!), and possibly even including hanging hardware. I saw at a quilt shop some little wood doo-hickeys for that.

As for adding extra squares, I suppose that if that is the consensus, we will. Posting in the forum now . . .

Elizabeth to TQC

The unclaimed blocks are in bold
P = Paper Piecing
T = Traditional
U = the block is undecided, which means that the person doing it can choose what it looks like
H = Difficulty rating: Hard
M = Difficulty rating: Medium
E = Difficulty rating: Easy

PH Bella's Broken Heart
UM Charlie: Sherrif's badge or fish/fishing gear
UM Emmett & Rosalie
PH Howling Wolf for Jacob
UM Jasper & Alice
PE La Push: First Beach
PE Paw Print for Jacob and the pack
UM Carlisle & Esme (Iris)
PH Edward's Crystal Heart (Iris)
PE Isle Esme, "Why am I covered in feathers?" (Iris)
PE The Meadow (Iris)
PH Bella and Edward Dancing at the wedding (Shannon)
TE Edward's Eyes (Jean)
PM Bella's Bracelet (Joyce)
PM Bella's Truck (Joyce)
UM Renesmee's Locket (Joyce)
TE The Stone Cottage (Lisa)
UM Wedding Flower (Liz)
TE Vampire Baseball (Wanda)
UE Forks Trees (Wanda)

Here is where we stand for our blocks. Everyone has at least one block, except for Jerri Lynn. It looks like there are enough blocks that everyone who wants to can do two blocks. If something interests you, go ahead and sign up!     


Jerrilynn to TQC

Hello! I just sent them, let me know if they are OK to use as is!

Shannon to ????

I received them.

Thank you so much!!!!

I'll see about things when I get home.



Elizabeth to Shannon


Just wondering what the final decision is (if it has been made ) on the Forbidden Fruit block? I wondered if I needed to get you a package of black fabric in the mail and whether you'll need more than a fat quarter.


Elizabeth to Shannon


I'm glad you're going to do the forbidden fruit. You are also down for Emmett & Rosalie.
I've been working on Cat's paper pieced parrot tulips this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have something to show before bedtime .

How much black do you need for the forbidden fruit? Fat Quarter? I'll get it in the mail as soon as you let me know. As far as the skin sparkling, that is up to you. I was just excited about finding iridescent sparkles and planned on using that in the blocks for my two mystery quilts. Let me know if you want some of those as well, or if you'd rather not. Either way is fine by me.


Shannon to Elizabeth

Dear E,


FQ will be fine. I'll just use mine for the other. Thanks. I sent my addy in my sign-up PM.

You can't tempt me with parrot tulips and not let me see the pattern. hint hint.....

I still plan on trying raw edge for a sample, but I need my white batik! My dad drew my pattern for me, but he didn't "get it" and so I might have to do them myself.

I even looked for parrot tulips online and found some because I've seen silk flowers used in quilts, but at $8.49 a stem it's an idea for another day.


Elizabeth to Shannon


Parrot tulips are in the mail . Cat's pattern is pretty amazing, very close to the cover of the book. I'm excited and think it will work out really well for the medallion.

I still plan on trying raw edge for a sample, but I need my white batik! I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.

I've got to get my kids to bed, then I can do some more sewing .

Shannon to Elizabeth

Dear E,

Thanks...interesting! So is the pink and white two different reds?

Raw edge: not turned under as in traditional applique, sometimes blanket stitched or stitched very close to the edge with microfilament thread or thread to match fabric. You can fuse or not fuse pieces. You probably know it by another name.


Iris to Shannon

In reply to Shannon:

Dear Elizabeth and Iris,

Iris, I found a couple of sources for Texas batik fabric using (search: 'Texas, batik"), but here is a link:

And, yes, I can do the E/R block--a bear with roses? I'll work on it.

I'm tapped....



That's actually a really pretty fabric. I had an idea about doing something with it & printing it out. If it pans out I'll share.... (Iris)

Elizabeth to Shannon

I'm doing two different colors of red for the two pinks, yes. I have these really great dots in red and burgundy. I thought one looked like a shadowed version of the other. We'll see how it turns out.

Raw edge -- gotcha. That is mostly what I like to do for applique. I do a blanket stitch by hand around it. Well, up until now I have. But now I have a machine that does a blanket stitch .

OK, off to work on the tulips some more. Kids are in bed -- it is my time!

Iris to Shannon

Shannon, that iridescent sparkle is actually REALLY COOL. And there is a great contrast between the white and cream. I'm going to redo my forbidden fruit block with those now that I have the cream too.

Shannon to Elizabeth (?)

Sounds great...and I wish.

My kids are getting ready. Son and dh are @ Boy Scouts. I had plans, but I had a couple of errands and now I just can't seem to focus so I'm online instead. Not a bad thing, but a distraction.

Have fun!



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