March 11, 2012

Cuppa Sumpin...

To borrow a phrase from a friend....yeah, I think I've even managed to mess that up.  Perhaps patience is wearing thin?

I made a coffe cozy for a friend's birthday yesterday.  It almost didn't get made.  I could only find the template and some pictures to help me.  I couldn't find the pattern I had written years ago.  We searched high and low on my thumb drive, the external drive that we'd saved the hard drive on for the old computer, and my totes of saved stuff.  I think the Word document might be on my laptop, but I can't get to it.  The darned thing won't even power up.

I managed to get the cozy made, but not without some craziness over having to adjust the size of the liner....after it was sewed to the front.  I think it still managed to come out okay.  My friend seemed to like it.  We're both addicted to Starbucks, sunshine in a cup, and it's a running joke that we exchange Starbucks gift cards back and forth for Christmas and birthdays.

The cozy will fit all three sizes of drinks as the cups basically just get taller.

I'd like to figure out the pattern again and post it here...

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  1. i have a fat quarter of that coffee fabric - now that i know it makes a way cool cozy, i might hafta ... nah ... it would never get done ... and now i think i will take a sip from my cuppa...


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