March 15, 2012

Edward and Bella's Wedding Dance: Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt

Edward and Bella's Wedding Dance, cropped block on right was used

If I knew then what I know know....

This block drove me crazy!  I'm still sad that I had to chop it down to 5" for the SM Twilight Quilt.  I tried to piece it at that size so that I could include their full bodies, but I just couldn't make it work at the time.  I made the block THREE times and, finally, settled on the third because I had no other choice.

The pattern is from Quilts with Style magazine, Issue 46 (June 2004).  (The entire pattern was actually a two-part pattern and featured more elements, but the actual couple pattern in Issue 46 only.)

I think the couple part of the pattern was about 12x16.  12x16 reduced to 5x5 was next to impossible!

If you want this block in your quilt, then order the back issue of the magazine.  Be confident that you won't have to make necessarily make your block 5x5.  This block more than any might be the block you use to decide the size of your feature Twilight blocks on that outside border.

Or, you might want to use another block entirely or design a wedding block your own....please share!

My first try had issues. (link to old blog's post)  I tried to use a satiny fabric for Bella's dress.  I didn't like the background fabric.  The only parts I did like were the hair fabrics--I used wood grain fabric for Bella.

I made a second block!

Block #1 (left), Block #2 (right)

This is my post from the old blog for block #2:

I tried again because I had the time, sort of, and there were some things I wanted to try to improve on. I was successful on some points, but the block isn't that much better.

I like the background fabric better. The squared block looks better after I added fabric to make it the right side. I used lace this time for B's arms, but oops....I singed it with a too hot iron when I was pressing the seams while sewing the finished sections together and it melted. Darn it! A couple of the sections missed their match points by a smidge in #2.

Overall, I think block #1 is better. I'm going to try to add fabric to #1 and square up again. I'll probably send both and let E pick.

 This is most of my post from the old blog about block #3:

Another late night or early morning finishing this block! It's done! It's mailed! I don't have to think about it anymore...except for the last time to discuss it here!

I made some changes to this block. After failing the second time, I bought some new fabric: background fabric and Bellas' dress. I gave up on the satin. I really like the new fabrics.

I used the pattern at 50% this time instead of 40%. The construction is a little better. I really made it a point to be super careful with match points and I did have to seam rip a couple of times. I didn't have to add fabric to the sides before squaring it up because the block finished about 6.5 x 8.25. I used starch to help control my bias edges. It's not perfect, but pretty close.

It's a shame that so much of the bottom of the block got cropped, even more than my first and second attempts, but I had to compromise somewhere. I've pictured the block full-size and then cropped. I will make sure my quilt design allows for an uncropped block because the dress is too beautiful to lose any of it

I really do love quilting!  HA!!  One would question that after reading posts like those....

The block is pretty special as finished and not cropped.  I love it!  I'll probably use it again, but try to figure out how to make the back of Bella's dress "sheer or backless" and maybe a way to put her hair up.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of Wysteria type thing going on in the background?


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