March 14, 2012

A Grizzly Bear and Rose: Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt Reproduction

I just love this grizzly bear block that I made for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt!  It was tough as were all the blocks simply because of their scale.  I even had to fuse applique one of the bears eyes because the piece ended up being too small when the pattern was reduced.  I love the rose fabric I used from my stash for Rosalie because, after all, this was the Emmett/Roasalie block.

The pattern is a Silver Linings Originals pattern:  Grizzly Bear (click link)  The pattern in it's original size makes a block 10x10 with a fish in it's mouth.  I didn't piece the fish and just ommitted it from that piece of the pattern.  (A 16x16 pattern is also available.  Fabric kits, too.)

So, if you want this block in your quilt...order it now.  If not design one for yourself.  I may or may not try to design a bear block.  I ask myself, "Why bother?" when this one is so perfect!

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