March 6, 2012

My Pack-Rat-ed-ness Isn't A Bad Thing Sometimes

Vivian, Shannon, Elizabeth, Iris
Springville Art Museum, August 2009

I have a family member who is a hoarder.  It has affected me greatly in many ways during my life.  I've avoided being a collector...except for fabric.  I try not to attach too much emotion to anything so that I don't become too sentimental.  I find it hard to keep even important papers and records.  I've gotten rid of quilt magazines and regretted it later more often than not.  (i.e. Wedding Dance Couple pattern that I had to replace for the block in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt and ended up buying two back issues of a magazine when I only needed one of the issues, k-ching $20.00.)

I do hoard fabric.  I have a basement full of it right now.  I've been trying to talk myself into going through it and giving at least half it away.  It's not like I'm using it.  The thought gives me heart palpatations, though.  I'm working up to getting over these feelings for a donation drive by my local quilt shop on National Quilting Day on the 17th.  Words of encouragement are always appreciated.....

The other thing I keep is email.  I have almost every work email for as long as I've worked at my company.  I can't tell you how many times having an email has saved me or someone else......  I also have every PM and every email from the Twi-Quilter members.  I've been digging through them.  Funny stuff, really!  A lot of talking behind people's backs, angst, and sharing.......

I had to search again today for the infamous Jasper's Eyes image that Iris photo-manipulated in Photoshop so that I can make it available for YOU in the Stephenie Meyer Reproduction Twilight Quilt.

The black and white image only was printed on photo fabric and used in the Alice/Jasper Crystal Ball block for the quilt.  The pattern is a Fandom in Stitches (Sew Hooked) pattern.  Iris took an image of a batik fabric for Texas and super-imposed/layered other elements including Jasper's eyes in the image.

I may or may not design my own pattern for the quilt reproduction.

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