March 26, 2012

New Moon Tulip: Test Complete

I'd like to give a shout out today to Kristen!  She has shared some of her work with me and it's awesome!!  She has some great Nightmare Before Christmas blocks and patterns.  I love her ideas for the Twilight blocks she's been working on!!  We seem to share the same process and so it's nice in that respect alone, but in other ways it's nice to be able to cheer someone else on and share in their successes.

So, the block I've been wanting to share.....

It works!

EQ7 Block Image

I finished the test block this morning.  I didn't feel well again yesterday after taking a pill for another issue so the plans I had to sew into the night didn't happen.  Darn it!

I'd only make one little change and I might not even do it because I'd have to delete a line and I don't know if I want the headache.  I'm going to think about it today....  The piece in this area is very small and could easily be removed.  (See the arrow pointing to the piece.)  That little piece makes that section just a bit trickier in the smaller sized block, but not unpieceable.

More soon......

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