March 16, 2012

Off-Topic: Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket, DWR Quilt, Coffee Sleeves, Computers, OH DARN!

I have always wanted to make a quilted sweatshirt jacket ever since I started quilting.  I think I have even bought a pattern or two.  I have very little experience sewing clothes.  Let's put it this way, I've had minimal success only.  I usually get frustrated by the patterns by Simplicity and McCalls, etc.  I sewed a couple of Halloween costumes for the kids when they were little.  I made a quilted vest or two.  That's about it.

I haven't given up making a jacket.  I bought another pattern not too long ago from from Clotilde only to discover that I actually had to buy another Kwik Sew pattern as the actual jacket pattern.  Ugh!!

I found Moonlight Designs Quilts and Wearables, Inc. today searching for a free pattern or tutorial.  WOW!  AWESOME!!

No offense at all meant, either, to Moonlight or anyone in an older age group as I'm into my 40s and perhaps shouldn't be trying to dress so young, but many of the jacket patterns out there look a little grandmotherly or, perhaps, matronly is the better word.

Anyone like to give me some advice?  My body type is better suited for a jacket fitted to my waist so as not to accentuate the larger lower half of my body.  LOL  I also want my jacket to be lined.  I want to have some freedom in fabric placement or block placement to personalize my jacket(s).  (Yes, of course, I have something Twilight-y in mind.

Am I too conceited to think that I could probably figure out how to make one on my own using info from the 'Net, looking at photos, or trial and error?  Am I asking to be frustrated by going this route?  Should I just splurge and invest in a Moonlight pattern to at least get some instruction on deconstruction, fabric placement, etc?

On another note, after months of wanting the Simply EZ DWR templates that I saw on a Sewing with Nancy show and the online store being out every single time I had an impulsive shopping urge, I bought them today.  Shouldn't have for so MANY reasons, namely why when I probably will never make a quilt, but I did!

I really am going to try to squeeze some sewing in this weekend.  I have a 9" and 13" on-point Twilight Hands blocks to make.  I'd also like to test the New Moon Tulip block.  Nice goals!  What I'll probably end up doing is going to soccer games, clothes shopping with the 10-year old, and going through my quilting stuff.  It is National Quilting Day tomorrow.  My lqs is taking donations and now would be a good time to talk myself into giving some stuff away.....

I am also being tempted by another project:  Mary's Modern Bargello (scroll to the end of the post).  I begged her for the pattern and she made one...I'm sure not just for me.  Be sure to look for the pattern link!

I found my coffee sleeve pattern.  I told M that it had to be somewhere!  It was buried in a document file under his user name on the external hard drive.  I wish it had been so easy, though, because after finding it, I spent another hour plus figuring out how to get the Word document to open.  I had somehow gotten restricted.  M is usually very helpful with all my woes, but he was tied up with some project of his own.  I'm nothing if not stubborn and just clicked on everything I could think of in Properties before I figured out how to "share" the thanks to any of the Internet searches and Microsoft troubleshooting links I tried.

The only thing is that I think I messed up the pattern, because I seem to have written one of the steps wrong.  I made it from memory like the pattern says, but the liner step has to be wrong.  I shouldn't be the same size as the outside so it looks like I'll have to fiddle with it and make another one to see where my pattern is wrong.


  1. When my sister first started quilting, about 20 years ago, she told me, if I ever make quilted clothes, please step in and stop me..... fast forward about 13 years, when I started quilting....and she was telling me about this watermelon quilt jack on simply quilts, well, she copied and sent me the episode, and I loved it.... never tried a sweatshirt jacket yet, but I do have 2 sweatshirts that I bough specifically for quilted sweatshirt jackets.......

  2. Take a look at this website:

    I, too, didn't want the old-fashioned "boxy" sweatshirt jacket and this company makes a pattern that has princess seams to nip in at your waist. Plus their patterns have zippers down the front - YEA!


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