March 8, 2012

Stephenie Meyer Reproduction Quilt: Lion and Lamb

I made the Lion and Lamb block for the Stephenie Meyer Reroduction Quilt.

Did YOU know it almost wasn't included in the quilt?!  True story.  It wasn't one of the original blocks that WE decided/agreed upon.  I forced the issue and it was allowed to be in the quilt.

I used the Silver Linings Original Roaring Lion pattern (link here) paired with a free Four Twin Sisters Lamb applique pattern (link here).  The Roaring Lion pattern is not a free pattern and will have to be purchased.  One should consider a couple of things before deciding to use this particular pattern to make the Lion and Lamb block for the quilt.  The free lamb reduced to size and was appliqued on top of the completed paper pieced lion block and was done easily enough.   

The lion pattern makes a 10x16 block in its original size.  I had to resize the pattern at 50% or more to make a block that would finish at the 5" required size.  (I'll have to go back and see if I can find my notes on the block.  I think it might have been reduced more since I notice the two setting strips of background fabric on the sides.)  The block isn't impossible to make at this size, but it does increase the level of difficulty significantly.

I am not designing the Reproduction quilt to include blocks that are 5" in size, thank goodness.  I'm thinking they will be at least 6-8" in size.  Borders could always be adjusted in size to make these blocks to be as big as one wanted, in fact.

The other option would be to use the Lion and Lamb block that I designed instead. (Twilight Quilt Patterns)

***Another funny story in addition to the fact that the block almost didn't make it into the quilt as mentioned above.

Elizabeth was quick to critique the block......  She was critical of the placement of the lamb.

I didn't a lot of choice in its placement unless I wanted to remake the lion block.

I positioned the lamb where I did because I had to cover up a marker stain.  Oh, the shame.  I did admit to it.

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