March 5, 2012

The Stephenie Meyer Reproduction Twilight Quilt: Let's Talk About It First

The Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt
Twilight Quilters Coven, 2009
Gifted to Stephenie Meyer, 2010

I have wanted to make my own version of the quilt as soon as the original was finished for a number of reasons.  I wanted a quilt for myself.  I felt like the quilt could be improved upon in many ways according to my original vision, uncorrupted by the compromises required in a group quilting project and by an domineering, but myopic, group leader.  I also wanted to make a pattern available for others to make their own.  At that time, I also flirted with the idea of making the quilt available as a commissioned quilt if desired.

First, a brief history about my Twilight life, the quilt, and Twilight Quilters Coven.  For some reason, I continue to feel the need to explain things.  I don't necessarily hope to have people understand that I'm not the bratty quilter that I've been made out to be, although that would be nice, but to help people understand that there were no innocents and basically I ended up being the odd man out.

I found Twilight Moms, TMs, in April 2008 after learning about a new vampire movie, reading the books, and searching for more information online.  (I've always had a thing for vampires!  I became familiar with the online phenomena of fangroups with the T.V. series, Moonlight.  I read the books even though I didn't think that I should be since they were YA and it was comforting to find fan groups that catered to the adult reader.)   The next six months were a Twilight whirlwhind for me:  The Host was published and my daughter and I met up with a group of Twilight Moms for Stephenie's Denver visit at East High School, I attended the 2008 Comic Con and met up with a group of Twilight Moms from Arizona, I attended the Breaking Dawn Book Concert Tour in Los Angeles with my husband, and finished out the year seeing the movie Twilight...numerous times.  (All linked posts can be found on an old blog of mine....)  I also participated at the forums of Twilighters Anonymous, TA, another group that I felt had a different dynamic and membership base.

I took a break from TMs and TA for awhile before coming back early in 2009 because an off-site quilting project that was also being discussed at TMs.  (I have to say that participating in the forums was always difficult for me, but I tried to make the best of it.  In many ways, I felt like I was in high school all over again with all the cliques and popular people or in church, at TMs, because of the group's religious influence.)  I had frequently searched for quilting + Twilight looking for Twilight quilting projects from the minute I read the books because I wanted a Twilight quilt in the worst way.  I lacked the confidence to try to design anything for myself, though.  I remember my excitement when a search turned up a Twilight BOM one day.  My search also landed me back at TMs and to the topic that was discussing the quilt.

The BOM fizzled when the creator ran into some personal issues.  I learned much later that Elizabeth Mills was associated with the BOM in a small way.  She had suggested the designer move forward with the project and that it also be shared at TMs.  (This is a very important detail because I was pretty critical of the BOM and the delays at the time.  Elizabeth always stood up for the designer and seemed to be personally offended by my comments.  I think this tainted our relationship from the beginning, unbeknownst to me the reason for her taking things so personally until I became aware of her connection.)

It wasn't long before we became a quilting collective at Twilight Moms.  We even named ourselves, The Twilight Quilters Coven.  The discussion quickly turned to other Twilight quilts and making one for Stephenie Meyer.  I shared my idea for featuring elements from the four book covers in a Medallion setting.  I introduced the group to Cat Magraith's Forbidden Fruit/Twilight Hands paper piecing pattern and Elizabeth obtained permission for its use in the quilt.  I brought Vivian Love, longarm quilter extraordinaire, on board and she volunteered to quilt the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt as a participant.  (Go here for her post about the quilt.)

Sounds wonderful, right?

I almost didn't participate.  There was a week or two of PMs (private messages) with Elizabeth and Iris where we discussed my participation.  I didn't think I could do it.  I held in there, though, because I couldn't stand the idea of a quilt being made without me.  I vowed to grit my teeth and get through it.

Elizabeth took charge.  She became coordinator of the project.  She drafted our mission statement and rules to operate under.  She figured out the measurements for the quilt that she felt would be appropriate despite my reservations.  Members were able to make suggestions and the quilt was discussed, but Elizabeth ruled with an iron fist at times.  Along the way, I set up our blog after some discussion with Iris who had the same idea and it became my way to have some control.

I went along with it all, if not with some passive agressiveness interplay on my part.  It was hard not to.  Elizabeth is a force or nature.  I wanted to be a part of a group.  I kept telling myself that group projects require compromise.  I managed to get my way in some instances, like when I forced the issue with the Lion and Lamb block to have it included.

There were a lot of things I didn't like.....  I lived with things like fabric choices being made for me with the Twilight Hands and Alice/Jasper blocks and the size of the 5" blocks in the last border.  (I still don't understand that final decision except that I believe that Elizabeth just couldn't figure out to adjust the other parts of the quilt to allow for the blocks to be bigger.)

All of the decisions must have been, right?!  The quilt won an award in the group quilt division in the 36th Annual Springville Art Museum Quilt Show.  I visited the quilt on display at the museum and meeting Vivian Love and Wanda, sharing the cost of a hotel room with Iris Fox, and touring around SLC as Elizabeth as our guide to visit Mormon tourist sites and her home.

Above isn't the happy ending to the story.....

The next project was not so nice with me in the lead.  (I made some decisions that I thought were best for the quilt and for which I thought I had support for from the other two lead members of the group, Elizabeth and Iris.)   I also learned much later that Elizabeth changed or remade my Twilight Hands block in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt .  I also suspect that she changed Jean's block(s), too, in that quilt because she became suspiciously silent and abandoned the group during its creation.  I'll never know all the shenanigans that occurred.

I feel compelled to make this quilt! I'll be making the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Twilight Quilt without compromise this time around......  Making the quilt might even turn my life around.


  1. I have definitely noticed how the fandom is so much like HS.... drives me INSANE!!!! I am pretty quiet in groups that I am a member of..... I am definitely going to make myself a twilight quilt after I am done with the one I am currently working on..... TEAM SHANNON!!!


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