March 28, 2012

To Trust or Not to Trust

EQ7 has never done me wrong.....

Any issues have always been due to operator error, like the misnumbering in the On-Point Twilight Hands pattern.  I sectioned it and numbered it.  The sectioning is fine, but the numbering isn't totally right for the apple.  I figure that most people can look at it, know that it isn't right, and sew it in the proper order on their own.  It isn't a fatal flaw.  The idea, though, that I've done that pattern and it has errors is awful to me.  I will be fixing that pattern ASAP!

Why don't I feel like I can't trust the measurements it has given me for the SM Twilight Reproduction Quilt?  Yep, it's me I don't trust.  If I'm going to share something, I feel like I need to have made it first and tested it out.

So far so good.....  I squared up the Twilight Hands block to 8 11/16" and added 1" strips of red fabric on all four sides of the block.  I think making the strips any larger than 1/2" finished would overpower the block.  The block "finishes" (not finished in quilter's lingo with the extra 1/2" for seam allowances, mind you...) at 9 11/16 as per the EQ7 drafted quilt center.  It's a go!

The more I work with these small measurements the more aggravated I am with Elizabeth....which, even at this point, I didn't think was possible.  Oh, but, it is.  It's not the 16ths that are bothering me.  There was absolutely NO reason why she had to make the quilt with these measurements and these small blocks.  I can only think that she couldn't figure things out any other way after she decided that the checkerboard part of the quilt needed to be a certain equal measurements?  I am going to like making this quilt bigger than the original, that's for sure!

The next step will be for me to figure out the tulip sections featured in the four setting triangles that surround this block.  I have the measuremenst as provided by EQ.  It's just a matter of figuring out the size that I can make the tulip block with the shortened stem.  I'm going to let EQ do the work.  The nice thing is that I can edit the block in EQ, like shortening the stem and removing the floating petal below the tulip, and print it the size I need.


  1. you are so right about the size. I made a BOM quilt for a friend and even at 10in there were some hair tearing moments.LOL

    1. Yep! Why add to the aggravation?! An inch here and and inch there makes a lot of difference....


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