March 23, 2012

The Wrong Approach

Just when you think that life can't get any busier.....well, it does!  Try having four kids all playing sports with practices and games all on the same days.  Try being a working mom with a very hard working husband.  I know that I am not in the minority anymore.  I know I am in the same boat with so many moms of today....I've talked with a few of them.  All of this in addition to more, leaves me no time to quilt.  I could make time, I suppose, but to be frank, I find it hard to find the energy and creative drive to sew.

I was supposed to be off from work today and totally forgot.  I had kids' conferences this morning.  My daughter's choir director thought it would be cool and absolutely no trouble at all to schedule a Ensemble (small choir group) practice this morning at 9:00 am-10:30 at the last minute.  This addition might not have been such a problem had it not been for the fact that S had some issues (during the intermission of last night's choir performance no less) with the "friend" that I had arranged for her to carpool with that I could get to work in a timelier manner.  My other daughter had a The Great Gatsby essay due (oh, how I love that book) and, with her schedule and procrastination, was up half the night completing it.  She decided to go into school late so I had to run her across town after conferences and before picking up from the choir practice.  I managed to have a *itch session with my mom for a half our this morning or I would be in a worse state of mind.

Yes, I should do a better job of keeping track of my schedule!

However, today wasn't a good day for me to be off anyway.  My boss is headed out on an international trip for a couple of weeks and we had a lot of unfinished business to complete through no fault of my own.  I headed into work after he called to see where I was.  No, he didn't realize I wasn't supposed to work today, either.  When I texted the other boss, he reminded me of my day off.  I felt better at least for being "late" and that I was actually doing them a "favor" of going in.

Don't even ask how the conferences went.  50/50....  I feel like such a failure as a parent after conferences.  It's not that S isn't doing well.  She is.  I am told that she is a joy to have in class.  She's a good leader.  She's smart.  But..... yes, there's always a BUT.  She isn't performing up to her potential.  She participates in class, but when it comes to taking tests....  Her math testing scores aren't meeting district requirements by a bit.  My son is another story.  He has significant reading issues.  He totally has the ability as I can personally attest to, but he resists doing the work in a timely manner or AT ALL.

Back to S's friend issues.....  We struggle with them frequently.  She is her mother's daughter!!!!  She sees herself as the one who always apologizes, the one who is always accomodating, the one who is the people pleaser etc.  After a time, she rebels against this perception.  She wants to be the one who gets her way, she gets tired of being bossed, and she wants the BFF of all BFFs.  The one who doesn't play with anyone else but her without permission.  The one who always sticks up and defends her against attacks.  The one who she can tell anything to who won't then go and blab it to someone else.

Don't we all want that?!  She has unrealistic expectations of friendship.  She is setting herself up for disappointment as I well know.  The friend she has hung out the most this year has a different approach to their friendship.  I can't fault the little girl for that.

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