April 11, 2012


Oh, bother!

My husband is annoyed with me right now because of a quilt.  It's a light annoyance, but still!  He tries to be helpful when pressed for opinions.  He never offers up unsolicited opinions.

When I have been able to sew the past week, I've been working on the Modern Bargello quilt.  (Yes, I always work on everything but what needs to be finished.)  I think I've chosen to work on it because it's a fairly easy quilt to sew after I've muddled through the fabric selection stage.  I have Mary's pattern to follow.  It's simple fabric squares and strips.  I can sew for 20-30 minutes and finish a block or two.  I have two sections finished and I've started on the third.  Here is where M wanting to strangle me comes in...

M sometimes questions why I do something that aggravates me so and stresses me out.  I'm not really aggravated or stressed out per se.  I do agonize over my choices sometimes....now more than ever as I feel like time is running short for me to quilt as much as I want, accomplish my bucket list of quilts, and overcome some errors that I've made.  I don't feel like I have time for do-overs.

Yes, I know-----craziness!

At the root of my problem, is that I continue to ignore my instincts or trust them.  I push forward with things, turning a deaf ear to the voice telling me to go with that which makes me not twitch.  I go ahead, but then I am so bothered by something that I have to fix it or I just abandon the project.  I have given up trying not to be this way.

It took me a long time at the quilt shop to pick out the turquoise and green fabrics for the next two strips.  I thought it was going to be the turquoise fabrics that were going to give me fits, but once I made peace with the lack of dramatic contrast between fabrics 2 and 3, I was fine.  I finished that section a couple of days ago.

I'm not liking the way I ordered my green fabrics.  I don't know if I mixed the first two up from the way I had them ordered when I chose them or if the fabrics look different cut into the blocks.  When I cut them, I was bothered.  I didn't let that stop me, though.  UGH!  I sewed the largest block.  I sewed the next two smaller blocks even though I was bothered.  Darn it!  I stopped for the night and since then have been trying to talk myself into leaving the section the way it is and not switching the fabrics....basically starting this section over.

I mentioned it to M this morning and he just rolled his eyes at me.  He can't SEE what I'm seeing and certainly can't understand why I'm bothered.  He does, however, know me well enough that I'll be fixing things.

I will be redoing the green blocks.  I will be switching the large square and next smaller square fabrics with each other.  I will be less bothered.


  1. Bothered....too, too funny Shannon. I loved it!!


    1. Thanks! I had to somehow reference Twilight...LOL

  2. I feel your pain..... I made a quilt for my sister-in-law (the frog with orange and black) and after quilting an area about 1/8th of the quilt, I noticed a tuck on the back..... now it wasn't a big tuck, and probably would haven't been noticeable after washing the quilt.... but after hours of contemplating, ended up taking out all that quilting, and re quilting the entire area....... I am glad of that decision, wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing it was there......

    1. Good for you! I wouldn't have left it, either....

      I'm such a bad friend. I should be telling you that you should have ignored it and moved on, right?

  3. Replies
    1. I'm the one who is grateful that you said so....

      If something bothers me it is my right to fix it, right?

      And if something can be fixed, then it should be...has always been my opinion.



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