April 5, 2012

Clock Tower: On the Drawing Board (SM Twilight Quilt Reproduction)

from New Moon

Clock Tower block/SM Twilight Quilt

Super busy in my world.  I've hardly had time to get anything done.  I tried sewing more on the Modern Bargello yesterday when I got home from work.  I was only able to sew three of four strips around a colored square before I had to run off and pick up a kid from somewhere.  I never got back to sewing.

I have some confidence that all the SM Twilight Quilt block reproductions will get done.....sometime in my lifetime, but that's about it.  I have had some nice chats with Kristen about all of her fabulous ideas so I feel a little bit better.  I don't feel very good about all the half done things I have going on.  Just call me 1/2 Done Shannon!

The Clock Tower block as originally pieced combined piecing and applique.  The clock face, flags, window elements, door, and fountain water look to be appliqued. A simple tracing in EQ7 won't be the best way to make a pattern for this block.  I will definitely be reworking it in EQ7.


  1. I'm someone who has too many things started at the same time myself, so I feel your pain. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the quilt with larger blocks. The 5 inch blocks makes my eyes blur. Koudos to anyone that can sew that small. My daughter's cat is also very "helpful" in my quilting frustrations. She likes to take things from my work area. Shannon-I think you are amazing to be working so hard on this project.

    1. Dear Kristen,

      You are a treasure!

      I really do feel like I need to be more dedicated and manage my time more wisely. It sucks for me not getting things done and, also, does nothing for my mood. LOL


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