April 28, 2012

Dear Friends:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I couldn't have made it through the past week alive without you....

It's not over yet as my work problem ran into another snafu this morning.  I hope that I still have a job on Monday.  I'm trying not to let it ruin my weekend.

I did something that I've been meaning to do for weeks.  I fixed the Twilight Hands On-Point pattern numbering this morning.  A3 and A4 needed to be switched.  I fixed that and uploaded the correction.

I haved vowed to sew something today.  I have so many projects going on right now that it will be hard to pick just one.

I also plan on working on at least one of Kristen's patterns.  She is this side of awesome!  A cute lion and fierce grizzly are on the drawing board.  Baseball is about ready...  An Eye is creepy cool!

Sally has been putting us all to shame in the sewing department.  Her Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster Quilt is moving along swimmingly.  It is stunning!

Sally's Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster Quilt, Sally's Custom Quilts

I also need to share a couple of Sally's other creations.  She drafted the block from the Gotye album art that I mentioned the other day.  Super special!  Sally is my EQ hero!!


  1. Cool Twilight blocks and fabric poster quilt. Sally's giving me ideas of what to do with my poster.


  2. O!! I wish you lived closer to me...You all are so MAGICAL with your EQ talents!! I just bought EQ7 and feel sooo-SEW lost =(


  3. Thanks for the mention Shannon! You rock the pp blocks, and I'll keep on keeping on with the applique :) You know, there are etsy sites out there that sell patterns..... just saying... lol

  4. Sally's fabric poster is beautiful. I looked online thinking it would amazing to make a quilt from fabric posters of all the movies. Sadly I did not prevail. To bad Kinkos doesn't enlarge pics onto fabric. LOL I love this blog!


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