April 2, 2012

Edward's Eyes (SM Twilight Quilt Reproduction): What Else U Got?

Edward's Eyes/Vegetarian Vampire

This block was to represent the changing colors of Edward's eyes or the vegetarian vampire's changing eye colors as they descend into hunger.

I have always strongly suspected that this was another one of Elizabeth's "remakes" for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.  The thread for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt is no longer being hosted at the Twilight Moms forums so I can't access the original block that was made.  The block that Jean made originally was a little different with many tiny pieces.  If I remember correctly, Elizabeth influenced the choice of block pattern for Edward's Eyes and it was the Jewel Box block from Quilter's Cache.  (link)  Can you imagine making a 5" block like this?!  It was a bit wonky and the block was redone by.....Jean....to the one above.

The block is found in EQ7 in the Classic Pieced--Chains section.  (Hour Glass)

(PP Pattern Image)

Perhaps there is a better idea for this block and Edward's eyes?


  1. how about eyes. I'll send you an email of my idea. fun,fun,fun...........

    1. Oh, oh, oh.....

      Sounds like a good idea! When I get to work, I will check things out and email you back.

      Your ideas are always awesome!!!!


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