April 3, 2012

A Fabulous EQ7 Design Tutorial for an Absolutely Stunning Quilt

I am in absolute quilt heaven because of an Electric Quilt email I received this morning!!!!

EQ Email Screen Capture

Marlene's quilt has been featured in numerous quilty places, including Marlene's own blog.  (link to KISSed Quilts)  The quilt is stunning!  I admit to having a quilt-gasm.

When I saw the quilt, I immediately though "how'd she do that?!"

Marlene has written a fabulous EQ tutorial for the quilt!  Can you believe it?!!!

By the way, I have an ulterior motive to posting this.  I think this would be an awesome setting for a New Moon "meteor" quilt.......  I can just see it now!

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