April 16, 2012

For the love of Science!

I don't like science, nope, not at all....

I especially don't like that I've been busy helping two elementary school age children with science fair projects.

My 5th grader is testing three different laundry detergents against five stains.

My 3rd grader is testing the effect of temperature on sugar dissolving in water.

My husband hasn't started our taxes, yet, so he won't be helping with the projects tonight.  He generally doesn't help too much anyway because I'm a bit controlling with projects.

If I can get through this week, I should be homefree with the exception of sports and my own sluggishness.

Thank you for your patience!

Other people in the group are being very creative, though.

Sally has started her Breaking Dawn DVD Fabric Poster Quilt.  It's going to be breathtaking...

Kristen is busy designing, planning, and sewing!  Wedding Dance is ready to be tested.  And as to Lydia's suggestion, an embroidered background of wisteria, like in the Breaking Dawn movie wedding decorations, is in the works.


  1. science.......... hummmm...... reminds my of the day Bella and Edward meet, the first time he smells her blood when she walks in front of the fan

  2. You say the sweetest things..... :)


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