April 7, 2012

Know Me Better than I Know Myself

Kristen found an old picture of the Edward's Eyes/Vegetarian Vampire Eyes block that I was talking about the other day.....

It's on one of my abandoned blogs. (link)  I started out as Frecklesquilts, left that one for a fresh start, started another personal blog, and then this Twilight Quilters Coven blog.  This is the only one I've kept up with recently, but I've not deleted any of the others.  It's a good thing because they still be referenced for all kinds of stuff, including my work and all my experiences with the group now known as the Twi Quilters.  The other reason it's a good thing I didn't delete the blogs is because the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt thread is no longer available on the Twilight Moms forums site.  My site archives is the only other place to find my side of the story written as it happened and not corrupted by my bad memory.

Thank you, Kristen, for reminding me!  How funny that someone had to remind me....

Featured in the quilt that was in progress is the original Edward's Eyes/Vegitarian Vampire Eyes block. (left side row, fourth block down)  As one can see it is the Quilter's Cache Jewel Box block that I referenced in the post a couple of days ago about the block.

The block was remade to the more simpler block in the final quilt.  By who?  We will never know.....


  1. Only hardcore quilters would be able to pick that out :) (working on a quilt design to include my fabric poster..... will send you a pic when the design is done)

    1. Oh,my goodness! Yes, please save me with a design for the fabric poster. I think I'm in a serious creative funk.


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