April 12, 2012

Kristen's Wedding Dance: You're Going to Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen is an amazing designer!  She has really great ideas.  She is very intuitive about paper piecing.

I count myself pretty lucky that she's picked me to work with.

I keep pinching myself and telling myself not to ruin any of the special friendships I have made in the past months by doing something stupid.....

It's been easier so far.  I really believe that this time people get me and have similar philosophies.  I have been very inspired.

One of the best things is that I'm enjoying cheering other people on.

I know people are being incredibly patient with me.

I'm dreadfully behind in putting Kristen's patterns into EQ7.

I've fallen in love with Wedding Dance:

I have a couple of corrections to make to the pattern because I goofed up her foot and slipper.  I have permission to post it when it's totally finished.

I want to drop everything I'm doing and.....not doing....so I can make it.  How about you?!


  1. Special thanks to Shannon. For some reason I just can't design in EQ or QA. I have sent Shannon pencil and paper designs that aren't any fixed measurement. They are just the size of the picture/art I'm working from. Not only is she converting to printable patterns, she is making them the correct size. How wonderful is that! I couldn't do any of this without her!

    1. You make it so easy!

      You're doing all the hard work!!

      Thanks for putting up with me......

  2. Love it very much, as soon as it is posted, I will make it immediately

    1. Gulp!

      I better get busy....

      I'm trying to talk M into a laptop or something. Think of all the work I could get done at soccer practices and anywhere but home. I could hang out in Starbucks, etc. and design and put Kristen's patterns into EQ.



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