April 1, 2012

The Nightmare Effect

My sister is a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  So much so, that she made sure we had  our own DVD .  Fans that are quilters are sure to want to make a Nightmare quilt but, surprisingly, when I Googled, I didn't net that many results.

I think the characters are perfect for paper piecing patterns.  Kristen is ahead of the game.  I've always said that if you love something enough, you'll be inspired to create....

Kristen shared one of the patterns with me and I put it into EQ7.  It was a good learning experience for me and I'm grateful for that.  I think it is her intention to make more, share some with Sewhooked, and perhaps list things on Etsy.

I traced Kristen's hand drawn pattern into EQ7.  I grouped the sections and numbered the pattern, printed it using Cute PDF, and sent the documents to Kristen.  Above, is the colored image of the pattern without embroidery.

Thank you for letting me share!


  1. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas..... my oldest son David, who passed away when he was 10 almost 16 years ago, loved it, and it always reminds me of him...... and it doesn't hurt that there is a Sally in it :) I have come up with a quilt based on it, applique though, not pp.....

    1. Oh, Sally, I didn't know!

      Did you ever make your NBC quilt? You could share with Sewhooked, too, if you had a mind to. I know their looking for patterns.

      Thanks ever so much for stopping by!!


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