April 23, 2012

Sally's Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster Quilt

I thought I would delight your eyes and give an update on Sally's Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster quilt, especially since I don't have anything else going today.....

(I started cleaning up my computer and sewing area last night.  I can only work in so much clutter!  I also worked on Kristen's Vampire Eyes block last night.  The pattern needs to be proofed, i.e. make sure I haven't made any silly errors.)

Sally came up with a great plan to make the Breaking Dawn fabric poster into a quilt.

Sally is repurposing some blocks for the quilt.  She had bought a quilt kit, started making the blocks, but got bored with the design after she had made nine blocks.  The batik blocks were too gorgeous to discard so Sally decided to use them for this quilt.  She is making a second set of blocks to match the first set.  The blocks will frame the fabric poster.

An EQ rendition for planning.....

The fabric poster needed to be stabilized because it's almost like a chiffon or other type of satiny fabric.  The poster is diaphanous, also.  (It's usually a better idea to use similar fabrics in the same quilt top so making the poster more like the cottons with the stabilizer is the way to go.  It's also not the funnest thing to sew a slippery satiny fabric even with a walking foot.)  Sally ironed a double sided fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric poster and then fused a white fabric onto the back of that.  She says the fabric had a bit of a pattern to it and shows through on Bella's dress, but that it looks fine and even adds to the effect.  After all the fusing, Sally squared up the poster.

In the EQ plan above, she used a golden fabric.  Sally found a really pretty blue to use in the actual quilt.

Here it with some of the real blocks:

Here is another EQ7 rendition with another border making the quilt 88x100:

I'd love to start mine very soon!


  1. Wow- that is beautiful. Hats off to Sally! I love how the fabrics look like they were chosen to enhance the fabric poster.

  2. Thanks Kristen, yeah, it was sheer luck that the fabrics look good with the panel.... I really didn't care, just needed to sleep under that fabric panel, would have made it no matter what it looked like, but I am thrilled with the look, only 2 blocks left to make, then I will be attaching them and adding more pics :)


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