April 20, 2012

Worth IT!

First of all, I need to give a big shout out to a special someone who is ailing a bit.  You are in my thoughts.  I know that this thing will be figured out and that you will be on the road to recovery real soon!

Thank you so much for the squishie.  I'm going to share it very soon.  Totally awesome!!

I keep reminding myself that I need to be happy enough with the way things are.  I have so many things to look forward to.  My "days" are fewer and far between, but.....

I get worn down as a parent.  There isn't enough of me to go around.  There is too much homework help to be provided, too much chauffeuring to do, too much angst......

Everyone at my house feels like we're in a mad rush all the time to get something done, to get to practice or to the next game, to finish something so the next thing can be started.

We're especially hit hard at this time of the year.  Taxes are due.  We have four kids with birthdays in the span of two weeks.  The end of the school year is always busy.  Crunch time is upon us.

I'm not saying that I'm any less tired today.  I could take a nap at my desk right now.  I don't really feel like doing much, not even writing this blog entry.

I'm just MEH.... but there have been some nice things that have happened that I need to share.

S turned 11 yesterday.  Z turned 14 yesterday, too.  Z still doesn't like sharing his birthday with his sister and I will never hear the end of it.  We had places to be and people to see yesterday after school.  After thinking that I would delay even their cakes until we managed to squeeze a family dinner in on Sunday, I thought better of it.  (There were a couple of years growing up when my b'day was like any other with just a simple "Happy Birthday" said with promises of belated celebrations.)  While I couldn't provide a special dinner last night because of S and A's school Big Night for the science fair, Z's Boy Scout meeting, and C's JV soccer game, we did have cake and candles for both kids when we got home.  S wanted an ice cream cake.  Z wanted a cheesecake dessert that we've had at family gatherings so I found a similar recipe and made it in between activities.  (He also wanted cheesecake pops, but those will have to wait until this weekend.)  S's big gift is a hotel sleepover with two of her friends, but family is also chipping in for a new bike.  (We'll be swimming, making pillowcases, and slipper flip flops.  Thanks, Kristen!)  Z, well, we're at odds a bit over what he wants.  I think M is going to go ahead and get him the Airsoft gun he wants.  I'll leave it at that.  I let him get the next book in the Ranger's Apprentice series yesterday.

Next up, C turns 16 on 5/1 and A turns 9 on 5/2.

Our work on S's science fair project paid off.  She got 100% and a first place ribbon.  All kids who complete all the guidelines for the project get first place ribbons, but the acknowledgement is still pretty special.  Her teacher asked to keep her board for future classes so that was a nice honor.  I was a bad parent and didn't take the camera with me at Big Night last night.  What I should have done?  Taken a picture of her with her ribbon in front of her project with her teacher.  Darn!

C played like a beast at her soccer game.  She started, came out for awhile because she had a slow start, and then finished the game, playing all but the last five minutes or so.  She loves playing with the JV team.  She and her posse, the girls she most identifies with as far as skill and tenacity on the FR/SO team, are having a bit of a battle of wills with their FR/SO coach.  One could say that they think they should be playing for JV all the time and that the coach is trying to temper that attitude in controlling team morale, managing his ego, and trying to win.....  Yesterday's game was tense.  The teams were evenly matched, the teams were both physical, and the refs didn't do a very good job of controlling the physicality of the game....so it got very chippy.  TR scored in the second with a goofy goal--one of those that the goalie has saved a thousand times, but this one managed to dribble in.  HHS scored on a PK after an opposing player kneed and high stepped, taking a player out in the box.  1-1 was the score.  C came home happier from this game, though, than from the 3-0 win the day before.  The girls took this picture that game after only getting to play a touch in the first, a touch in the second, and, as was subbed minutes into the second half, told to take their cleats off because they were done for the day.

(surefire way to piss of your coach and be really "benched")

Last night, after we got home and had cake, I got an email from S's teacher.  We had a WOW moment!  S has been chosen to be her school's student that will be recognized by the Englewood Chamber of Commerce Student Recognition program.  We will get to attend the luncheon with her and her teacher on 5/1.  Her teacher will be reading this paragraph at the luncheon:

S XXXX has been chosen to represent XXXXX School for the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Student Recognition Program because she exhibits an exceptional attitude, extraordinary effort, and leads her peers by demonstrating respectful, responsible, and friendly behavior each day.  Success does not come easily for SXXXXX, yet she is dedicated to learning and growing in each academic area. No matter the task, SXXXX puts forth her best effort, persevering even when the task at hand is difficult. Whether completing a routine homework assignment, large project, or her class work, SXXX persists until her work meets her extremely high standards. Sarah consistently sets an outstanding example for her peers with her positive, respectful attitude. A natural leader, SXXX is a member of the Student Council and an Art Peer Helper at XXXX. She leads by example, always following our school rules of being safe, respectful, responsible, and friendly. When another student needs help, SXXX is more than happy to accommodate with a smile on her face. She possesses an outstanding attitude, a natural ability to lead others, a desire to reach her personal best, and is in general a fabulous example of what a quality young person should strive to be. SXXXX is the obvious choice to represent XXXX Elementary in the Student Recognition Program.
My little superstar!!!!  This birthday might be considered her best ever for awhile.....


  1. What an amazing, crazy, wonderful life and family you have. I really don't know how you do it Shannon. Thank you so much for the power of sending me well wishes. An emotional boost is sometimes what I need when I feel bad. Thank you so much.

  2. Just one more snapshot of my crazy life....you are so right.

    It's no wonder, right?!


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