May 17, 2012

All Nastiness Aside.......

I write this post in support of my friend Kristen and for my own self-preservation.

There is an interesting post over at FIS.....  I believe that the post is directed at Twilight Quilt Patterns, Kristen, and I, specifically, over the Twilight Hands pattern and the Simple Vampire Baseball pattern.  (The site has recently experienced a number of visits from Texas, Utah, and Australia linking to those patterns.)

Why would I think so?  There is that much bad blood and I think that Elizabeth went crying to Jennifer after seeing the baseball block on this blog after I posted the Wedding Dance block on the TwiMoms Facebook page.  The vitriol is spewing at the FIS Facebook page with the link to their blog post referenced above.......

(I also believe that someone saw Kristen's Flickr.  I can't blame her for wanting to show off her work and to think that it would be well received.  She is new to this "game" afterall.......)

Neither one of us have been contacted to discuss this matter.

I'm torn as to whether or not to address the matter or make any agruments.  By even addressing this matter, I have a lot of fears.  I'll be dredging up the past once again....when I had finally let go enough not to care anymore about the others and to not expect any resolution in my favor.   Why is that I immediately thought FIS was talking about me?  Do I have a guilty conscience? NO! Did I expect something like this to happen? YES!  I am stung by the accusations of fraud and thievery.....very strong accusations, indeed!  (.....methinks you protest too much.) 

I am terrible at clearly and concisely debating or arguing over anything just ask my husband.  I have been very clear since this blog has come to be about my past history with Twi-Quilters and FIS, my design methods, motives, and, specifically, my plans for recreating the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt for which I had an integral role in designing and making.  I ultimately do not believe that anything I say will persuade any of their disciples from believing that I am not in the wrong.

Even if the post isn't directed at me, I would have the same point of view.

I  believe in my heart and my mind that I had every right to draft Twilight patterns and reproduce those in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.  I have held this opinion since the very beginning.  I would hold the same opinion without my long, complicated, and tortured history.  I challenge anyone's assertion that they have exclusive control and the sole design privilege for any fandom quilt patterns or any items or symbols in the public domain.

Is there only allowed to be one pattern by one designer in this world? I get the impression that FIS thinks that they are the only group of people who are allowed to be fan-atics and design paper piecing patterns. Really?!

The most interesting fact in this whole situation is that my passion for design was a direct result of my need for good patterns.  Ones that were made in the superior Electric Quilt program.  Ones that didn't have formatting issues.  Patterns that could actually be pieced accurately.  Patterns that were more refined depictions of the of elements from the Twilight books that I so desperately love.

Anyone who has followed this blog and read the numerous posts about how I drafted the two Twilight Hands patterns can clearly attest to the fact that I took the Twilight Book cover image in photo and drawn form to create the patterns directly from it.  I did not copy the existing pattern.  (I have a feeling that my Version 2 pattern is the one that is being questioned.  I wrote about that pattern's design process in this post and clearly linked the DragoArt drawing as the foundation image that was used to create my pattern.)  There are distinct differences in the patterns, also.  Yes, there are similarities but there isn't a way to avoid them as the all patterns have been created from the same image.

I truly believe that my patterns are more detailed and, simply, more accurate depictions of the Twilight book cover.

My block made from the other pattern:

Shannon, Version 2:

Shannon, Version 1:

I can discuss the Simple Vampire Baseball pattern in the same manner by request. 

The purpose of this site and Twilight Quilters Coven will continue to be the design and the hosting of Twilight quilt patterns based upon Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series and the movies based upon those books.

We are not here to make any money.  We will never beg for donations, use ads, or beg anyone to buy T-shirts to support a bandwidth.  We are in it for the love.  I don't have any grand designs on writing a book or having patterns in magazine.  (Have you seen Sunbonnet Sue with her umbrella, lately?  I have in at least a dozen other versions.)

The current project by the group is the reproduction of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Quilt that Shannon had an integral role in designing and making. Blocks featured in that quilt will be reproduced or publicized, if purchased or hosted by another site, if not already, in such a way as to enable that quilt to be remade as close to the original as possible. The idea is to also improve on those blocks in all ways possible when needed and to create additional blocks that are a truer and more meaningful depiction of the ideas or images they were based upon.

Deal with it!


  1. Stupid c%$ts...... seriously..... someone needs to get a life..... I guess I better go ahead and call the cops on myself because I was inspired by a few of their blocks when I created my own Twilight quilt.......... Did you hear about the fabric copyright lawsuit by some stupid idiot who's fabric was used in a book and she didn't feel that she was properly credited....... I am feeling like kicking some ass..... Hopefully you can bypass these idiots, don't let them get to you, and realize that you are an amazing artist and they are dumbf*cks...... who apparently spend their days scouring the internet in order to see what havoc they can wreak ...... I am in your corner Shannon <3

  2. Dear Sally,

    Thank you for being so supportive! Your opinion matters a lot. We are lucky to have you!!

    I am sickened by the attack on Kristen and I guess, me, too.

    We are a bit shaken, but plan on pressing forward.



  3. Well said Sally. I am heart sick at those that have rushed to judgment without even getting the facts from the other side based on what one "idiot E" said. We were having such fun weren't we? Leaves a bad taste in your mouth and I heard about the fabric lawsuit...rediculous.

  4. I am totally fine with it now. I have a tender heart and after crying all that night my daughter looked some things up and informed me that anyone not giving credit to the orig artist on there patterns has no right to say anything. At least 1/2 the patterns out there are based on someone else s work. ie PBS, Jim Henson, Hasbro toys, Stephanie Meyer, the illustrator of the Dragon on the cover of the Eragon book, I could go on but I think its enough. Not like we are trying to make money here, just fun. <3 you guys

  5. we are having serious vampire weather here, three days of darkness so far

  6. We broke a record yesterday at 93*!


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