May 7, 2012

A Break in the Non-Action: Modern Bargello

I worked on another row of the Modern Bargello quilt.  I like the way it's coming together.  I find it hard to pick a favorite color.  The last row I finished, red, is my favorite now.....  The started the blue row last night.  Picking out the right fabrics has been very difficult.  I found a cool line of fabric at my lqs for the blues and yellows.  The fabrics are gradated through the width of the fabric.  I ended up buying one more separate fabric to make up the five.  I wasn't smart enough, though, and only bought 1/4 yds when I needed 1/2 yds to allow for the two 6" blocks in the rows.  I'll be headed back to the shop this week.

The Modern Bargello pattern is Mary's.  Thanks again for posting it and allowing me to make this quilt!

Behind that quilt, is the quilt I should be working on.  The teacher quilt I started and then avoided because of the applique.  School is almost over.  I better get back to it soon.....

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  1. If you EVER need help doing some applique... I am your gal...... I can fly through that stuff....... let me know.... you could send it out, give me a couple of days and I could send it back........


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