May 14, 2012

Inspired: Lydia's Vampire Baseball

Lydia's Vampire Baseball block

Lydia's block is so awesome!!  Lydia used Kristen's Vampire Baseball pattern to expertly piece the block above.  (Check out

Lydia kept her promise....  She used red for home plate and the bases to represent the Nomads that disrupted the Cullen's baseball game.  Snack time!  Lydia alway does an inspiring job picking her fabrics.  Love, love, love the trees....the woodgrain fabric for the bat....the base path fabrics.  Do you see the embroidered laces?!

I've edited the pattern a bit to remove the fabric "threads" like Lydia's above.  (6" Pattern link)


We love you, Lydia!!!


  1. It so beautiful I cried. Seriously, A tear slid down my cheek. I never imagined my little sketch could be this!

  2. Oh...thank you Kristen and Shannon. I couldn't have done it without such an amazing pattern and expert EQer...LOL!



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