May 4, 2012

Kristen's Slide Show: Believe it!

Kristen has been Twilight quilting for awhile. She has many other fandom interests, too. Her drawing board is full of some really cool blocks and ideas to share!  I hear that a Nightmare Before Christmas BOM is in the works!

Kristen is truly selfless and has been a wonderful source of support and inspiration.

Thank  you!


  1. Thanks Shannon! I started out doing cross stitch when I was only 9 yrs old. The Twilight BOM was the first quilt I ever done. There were a few errors in my sewing, but with the use of fabric scraps and hand embroidery it turned out pretty good. It was a gift for a friend and her favorite thing is the vampire quote I read on Shannon's blog.

    1. Your work is beautiful! Your love shines through. The embroidery is wonderful and something I could never accomplish as well!!

      You know how particular I am....

      Your work deserves to me featured and you should be very proud of it!!


  2. Does she have a blog? Or a website? I love her stuff....... always thought of doing a Nightmare Before Christmas quilt :)

  3. Nice slide show. Love Bella's truck and would love to make that one! Is the pattern available?

  4. Wow thanks for the interest. Shannon is helping me with my patterns. She puts them into EQ7 and does some fine tuning to make sure they are sew-able. She has been gracious enough to let me work with her and once my Twilight patterns have been tested I think Shannon is going to add them to her Twilight patterns page. I am also hoping that she and I will do The Nightmare before Christmas patterns as a BOM starting in August 2012! I have 15 patterns so it would run until December 2013. Shannon has that site that would be perfect. If you let Shannon know, she has my permission, she might be able to send you my patterns to test! It would be amazing if someone would test my patterns, I design faster than I sew!

  5. Thank you for being so patient with me....

    I seriously believe that my life will calm down to its normal roar in a couple of weeks. I am also taking a week off in June and July.

    HUgZ, Shannon


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