May 8, 2012

Sally: Where Have You Been All My Life?

I don't want to leave this special lady out of my posts of adoration.  I have a quilt crush on her.  She's a designer and quilter extraordinaire!  She's one of those people that just manages to get stuff done.  I'm in awe of her quilting accomplishments.  I told her I needed to go hang out with her hoping that some of her MOJO would rub off on me.

She's my quilting hero!  It doesn't hurt that she's quick to defend me even when I don't deserve it....


I can believe that she's almost done piecing the Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster quilt.

I'm sure she'll have it quilted soon after she gets it pieced!

Can you believe that she also made a tote bag for a swap at them same time?  Yep!  And, to think she doesn't think she got it done fast enough....  LOL

P.S. I've asked for vacation in June and July....  just saying!

Love, Shannon


  1. Thanks Kristen, and Shannon, you are so sweet..... I am putting the final border on in the next day or two..... but won't get to quilting it for a week or so..... I need to order some batting.... all I have in my town is a walmart, and I only use cotton batting, or an 80/20, but all we have here is polyester..... so have to order some batting, then decide on the backing, and I am contemplating fleece, that is what I used on the football quilts I made, and I love the weight and snuggliness that fleece gives quilts.... so it will be a few weeks at least until I am ready to quilt.... when I did the football quilts, with fleece, I thought that I was going to kill my machine, but now I have a heavy duty machine that flows through all those layers like butter..... so might start another quilt before I am ready to finish up the Breaking Dawn one..... we'll see :)


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