May 15, 2012

Scary, Scary

I had to take the Modern Bargello quilt off the design wall to uncover the quilt underneath.  I was actually enjoying piecing this quilt.  I'm two panels away from finishing it.  I was going to use the quilt to practice for the Craftsy class I purchased that teaches how to quilt big quilts on my home sewing machine.  The yellow and orange strips are the only colors left.  (I also need to add some of the black fabric to a couple of strips to complete the red, blue, and green panels.)

I've done the worst thing possible and taken my procrastination to new heights.  I have to finish Sarah's teacher's quilt.  I'm freaking out a lot.... especially, since I forgot I made the quilt bigger.  I thought I had cut out all the necessary flowers, but I'll have to add some more.  I also have to pick floral fabrics for the butterflies and cut them all out.  Oh, and I'm quilting and binding the quilt.  It's only Tuesday, though, so all hope isn't lost.  I have to sew the blocks into rows, though, sew them together, and add some borders, applique, quilt it, bind it.....oooooooooooookay!  Yeah, I'm freaking out.  Thank you to those that said they would have helped me.  I'm such a spaz!

I'm closer to finishing the Modern Bargello quilt.  Maybe I should gift that instead?  C would have a fit since she's claimed MBand so would Sarah, too, since she picked out the pattern for ther teacher's quilt.  Darn it!

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  1. Good luck! I read a funny story in the book Stash Envy, which stated that a real quilter is always sewing the binding on, in the car on the way to a wedding that you knew about a year in advance....... cracked me up!!!


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