May 12, 2012

Simple Vampire Baseball By Kristen Nelson

Kristen has drafted a pattern for us to use in the Stephenie Meyer Reproduction Quilt.  We wanted a pattern that included a baseball and bat so that we wouldn't have to use buttons.  Thank you SO much!!  (A baseball player block or a block with more of a vampire baseball logo is in the works.)

Simple Vampire Baseball by Kristen

The pattern is also available at Twilight Quilt Patterns.  (The block needs to be tested in fabric.)

A bit of embroidery might be a nice add.....

One might prefer to do the baseball's threads as embroidery instead of pieced in fabric.

Tree fabric might add a nice touch as placed in the block's setting triangles.

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  1. I love your ideas. This wasn't my favorite block, but after seeing Cullen on the bat... I love it! I think on the baseball player you're drafting, I'll use the quote "You brought a snack"


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