May 10, 2012

Wedding Dance by Kristen

I have posted Kristen's Wedding Dance pattern on Twilight Quilt Patterns.  I hope that it is the first of many.  (The pattern needs to be tested in fabric.)

Wedding Dance

Color Coded Mirror Image (don't let the pink dress and the grey suit throw you)

Kristen created this amazing pattern.  She sent me an image file of her hand drawn pattern.  I loaded that image into EQ7, traced her lines, and printed the pattern as a PDF file using the Cute PDF driver.

Lydia suggested that Wisteria be incorporated as a background fabric element with a Wisteria fabric or with embroidery.  I haven't forgotten how beautiful the movie wedding was!

Kristen has created an embroidery overlay.  Back stitch or Stem stitch the stems, Lazy Daisy stitch the leaves, and Lazy Daisy and French Knots for the flowers.  She suggests glass beads might also be used for the flowers.

(save the picture above and use a photo editing program to print the overlay to your block size)

When Lydia suggested the Wisteria, I started looking for fabric since I avoid embroidery about as much as I avoid applique.  I found some, but the scale seemed off.  I recently searched again and found some that I think might work since there are some larger background pieces in the pattern.

Robert Kauffman's Imperial Collection 8 might work.....

I see that all the colors are available at Fabric Shack.

Something like this fabric might work, too.

Or, these Wisteria fabrics.....

I can't wait to make this block!

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  1. I love how you have fabric suggestions. It's really helpful to visualize. Thank you for all your hard work and letting me express myself in a safe place.


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