June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday: Modern Bargello

I didn't sew a lick last weekend.  I'm glad I have something pretty to look at on my design wall.  I spent my days with other pursuits.  I cleaned up my sewing area some, organized by sewing desk drawers, grocery shopped, made a pie, and cooked Father's Day dinner for my husband.  Oh, and we went to dinner at a local restaurant and I finally got visit Sweet Action in person.  (This made possible by the fact that we only had two of the kids for the night so we could afford it......)  I also watched some UEFA 2012 soccer.

Modern Bargello from Mary's pattern.  LINK
....on the design wall this week

M's Triple Berry Pie

M says this pie might be his new favorite.  I fixed his requested dinner:  pork ribs, new potatoes, and corn on the cob.  He was in a food coma by the end of the night.  We watched Longmire, the new show he likes, before surrendering the T.V. to Z and Xbox.

Be sure to visit Patchwork Times and all the design wall posts included.....  Thanks!

June 13, 2012

Energize ME with new Breaking Dawn 2 Pictures!

Entertainment Weekly

Pictures like this and magazine features, like the upcoming Breaking Dawn 2 issue, can only help build my excitement which, honestly, has been waning.

This will mean good things for my Twilight quilting.....  One can only hope!

June 12, 2012

I had to.....

Best made plans and all that....

I didn't sew on my days off.  (I didn't get my refrigerator cleaned out, either....)  I did sew on Saturday and Sunday, but I was interupted a lot.  Everytime I sat down to sew, someone needed me to take them somewhere or I had to do something.  Not kidding!

I've wanted to finish the Modern Bargello quilt.  C has called Dibs.  She reminded me of that again last night.

I finished the yellow panel finally.  I worked on that color because I was happy with my fabrics.  I really like the way it came out.  It might even be my favorite.

I cut my orange fabrics, but there was one that was bugging me.  I stopped by my LQS yesterday to see if I could find another fabric that would work better.  I did find one and I feel much better now.

The fabric second to the bottom was the one that wasn't right for me.  It had too much yellow in it and seemed to be lighter than the third fabric even though my copy machine test said that it wasn't.  I removed it and shifted the other fabrics down.  I bought another fabric to be the lightest....nothing like buying 1/6th yard for two 1.5" squares.  (The only thing is that the fabric is a nice peach that will work as a skin tone.)

I hope to finish the orange panel tonight.  I'll arrange the rest of the panels back on the design board.  I still have to add black fabric to the top and bottom of some of the panels.

Don't forget the Modern Bargello quilt is made from Mary's awesome pattern!  Link

The plan is still to quilt it myself using tips and technique's learned from Ann Peterson's Craftsy class, Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine.  I'd still like to get my sewing table, but I don't think that is going to happen.  We've got too many kid expenses for sports and school right now.  C and Z's high school registration packets are already due and the money, too.  I can't believe how much yearbooks cost!  C even has to buy a book for one of her classes.  We're trying to find a used copy of the right edition.

June 6, 2012

I Believe in Pink......

I Believe in Pink
pieced and quilted by Shannon LaCount (Hobbs 80/20)
pattern modified, McCalls Quilting Sept/Oct 2011

"I Believe in Pink" quilt is finished!!!  It's true what they say: wash a quilt and all is forgiven...

My machine blanket stitch applique held up which was the thing I was the most worried about, my novice-looking quilting now looks charming and any flaws unnoticeable, and the butterlies are dancing among the flowers just like the pattern.

I modified the pattern to make the quilt larger than the magazine quilt, 42.5"x42.5".  I paper pieced the Geese for the star blocks and the Snowball blocks.  The flowers and butterflies were to be appliqued using a freezer paper method, but I machine appliqued the Steam-a-Seam 2 prepared flowers and butterflies.  I did not reverse the pattern templates so my finished flowers and butterflies finished in the reverse.

We're meeting with Sarah's teacher today for lunch to give her the quilt.

I feel like I can NOW get back to other projects.

June 4, 2012

Looking Forward to.....

I am taking a couple of days off of work this week.  I desperately need it!  I've not taken more than a day or two here and there in the three and half years I've worked this job.

I had planned on doing some fun things with the kids and I probably still will take them to the pool and maybe on a picnic, but we had a lot of budget breaking family fun this last weekend.  We went to an Outlaws game (MLL, Denver's lacrosse team) at which Z got to meet some players as part of a Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association program with the team and we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  Both boys ended up with Outlaws apparel to commemorate the night.  The movie was awesome and I highly recommend it--Charlize and Kristen nailed it!  (Chris Helmsworth was a very worthy huntsman....)  S had a soccer tournament last weekend, too, that involved eating out a couple of times because we wanted to.  C needed new soccer cleats.  I think I should take up a sport so I can get cool stuff that I need.  ha-ha-ha

My plan, then, is to get some stuff done around the house that I never seem to have time to do.  My refrigerator desperately needs to be cleaned out.  I want to mop underneath it and my stove and clean my baseboards.  I need to go through my fabric and decide what I can't bear to part with (mostly fabric that I have collected for Twilight projects) so I can give the rest of it away.  If I keep my promise to myself of getting some much needed stuff done, then I will also try to sew a bit, get the Sewing on Paper site built properly, and force myself to work on a schedule for projects, etc.  I've been doing a disservice to myself and others by being such a disorganized slacker of late.  I would love to finish piecing the Modern Bargello quilt.

June 1, 2012


I find it hard to believe that it's June.  I love summer!  My life is less stressful since the kids are on vacation.  (We still have their sports and other activities to keep up with, but I don't have to deal with school activities and homework.)  I love the warm weather and long nights.  (I find it easier to stay up late and still get up early.)  My body seems to function better in summer.  I usually get more sewing done......


I'm still sewing binding.  I love sewing binding.  The job gives me an excuse to sit for spells at a time and just relax while I do it.  This is probably the reason why I don't take up the suggestion to attach both edges by machine despite some of the great tutorials that show how to efficiently, but aesthetically pleasingly machine sew a binding.   We're supposed to meet S's teacher for lunch next week.  She doesn't know about the quilt.  She is the type of person who I would want to be friends with even if she weren't one of S's favorite teachers.  I think she's the type of person who would appreciate a quilt.  I hope so!  I think I've got about 150 + hours in this quilt.  Taking into consideration that I'm slower than most, it's still a lot of hours.  I could have spent more time if I'd done a better job with the quilting.

Back to trying to get my head back in the quilting game.....