June 13, 2012

Energize ME with new Breaking Dawn 2 Pictures!

Entertainment Weekly

Pictures like this and magazine features, like the upcoming Breaking Dawn 2 issue, can only help build my excitement which, honestly, has been waning.

This will mean good things for my Twilight quilting.....  One can only hope!


  1. erk ... i just realized that i'd forgotten all about the second part ... do you think the look on Kristen Stewart's face will EVER show any kind of emotion?

    maybe she's afraid that she will get wrinkles if she cracks a smile (or a frown ... or anything in between)...

  2. I just love this picture. She's protecting her child. Don't mess with a vampire momma!....LOL!Can't wait for the finale!

    1. She does look fierce!

      My excitement for this movie is going to start building again. I expect that we get more and more every month. Comic Con in June. MTV Music Award appearances, etc.



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