June 4, 2012

Looking Forward to.....

I am taking a couple of days off of work this week.  I desperately need it!  I've not taken more than a day or two here and there in the three and half years I've worked this job.

I had planned on doing some fun things with the kids and I probably still will take them to the pool and maybe on a picnic, but we had a lot of budget breaking family fun this last weekend.  We went to an Outlaws game (MLL, Denver's lacrosse team) at which Z got to meet some players as part of a Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association program with the team and we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  Both boys ended up with Outlaws apparel to commemorate the night.  The movie was awesome and I highly recommend it--Charlize and Kristen nailed it!  (Chris Helmsworth was a very worthy huntsman....)  S had a soccer tournament last weekend, too, that involved eating out a couple of times because we wanted to.  C needed new soccer cleats.  I think I should take up a sport so I can get cool stuff that I need.  ha-ha-ha

My plan, then, is to get some stuff done around the house that I never seem to have time to do.  My refrigerator desperately needs to be cleaned out.  I want to mop underneath it and my stove and clean my baseboards.  I need to go through my fabric and decide what I can't bear to part with (mostly fabric that I have collected for Twilight projects) so I can give the rest of it away.  If I keep my promise to myself of getting some much needed stuff done, then I will also try to sew a bit, get the Sewing on Paper site built properly, and force myself to work on a schedule for projects, etc.  I've been doing a disservice to myself and others by being such a disorganized slacker of late.  I would love to finish piecing the Modern Bargello quilt.

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