July 31, 2012

Drawing Board

I'm in the home stretch as far as the final design for the SMRQ as far as the measurements and quilt elements.  Another element that I've been struggling with is the New Moon tulip adorned setting triangles.  I finalized the paper piecing pattern months ago, but stopped working on the cropped version that would grace the setting triangles.

I'm more motivated than ever as I've been asked to make a quilt under commission.  I have to get it done!  Back to the drawing board I go....

July 28, 2012

When Quilt Math Lies

I've been tearing my hair out over the center medallion design in EQ7.  The quilt math is more than my brain can handle.  I'm finding it hard not to get discouraged.

Quilt math isn't supposed to lie, but I think it does.

Okay, it doesn't....

July 27, 2012

Which Way Did She Go?

I've been all talk and very little action.

That's about to change.....

I'm ready to shift directions a bit.

The reason I've not been doing is because I've not been wanting to do most of what I feel I must do for one reason or another.

Not good!

So, I can either keep NOT doing what I feel I must or actually do what I want.

Make sense?

I'm even having trouble with it.

My time is finite.

I have very little time to do so I need to make the best use of my time and resources.

At least that's my goal....  I'm not very good at acting on and reaching goals.

I've got to make changes, though.

July 24, 2012

What's with the clowns?

I really did have high hopes for the summer.  I had all these things that I was going to accomplish.  Ha!  The biggest thing I'm sad about is that I feel so Blah! about everything.

Above is a picture of the quilt I am making to test the measurements for the SM Twilight Reproduction Quilt.  I can't accomplish what I need to accomplish in EQ7.  I'm like a 1/16" off here and there.  I'm pretty darned pissed about it.  I could read the book and search for tutorials until the day I really decide to give up, but it wouldn't make a difference.  I'm so inept.

I'll just keep adjusting and sewing until I figure it out....I guess.

Here's to ya'

July 13, 2012

A Good Reason to Try

Opening one's email Inbox can be a dangerous thing.....

Electric Quilt sent me a nice little email today announcing a sale.  20% off Christmas in July Sale, exclusions apply.  Oh, boy!

Resistance was futile, especially since it's payday and I've been wanting to try EQ Printables Cotton Satin 283 thread count fabric sheets for a long time.  I've been wanting to try them in order to see if I can use them to print images and/or quotes on them for a Twilight quilt or if I want to use Spoonflower for the quotes instead.  I have used the 200 thread count sheets before, but they are what they are at 200 thread count.  I ordered the six sheet package to do my experiment.  While I was at it, I went ahead and ordered EQ's newer product, Quilter's Newsprint Sheets, with paper piecing projects in mind.  I was curious about them and since I was placing an order for the other, I went ahead and splurged.

I am not happy about $8.00 for shipping, though.  I don't have a lot of choice since neither of these products are available at any of my local quilt shops.  Oh, well!

The boys are headed out this weekend for camping with the Boy Scouts.  It's a girls' weekend.  I won't be home much as M got gifted Rockies tickets at Club Level for Saturday.  S wants to see Brave so we'll probably do that on Sunday.  I'm taking some time off next week so maybe I'll get something done then.

July 11, 2012

Modern Bargello, Update

The quilt top is finished....kinda, sorta.

I'm still debating whether or not I will quilt this at home.  I have a machine to do it on as of yesterday, but there is still something holding me back.

If I do quilt it at home, I will quilt each strip individually using the methods learned in Ann Peterson's Craftsy class.  (Sorry, too lazy to link again.  I've talked about this class many times before.)

I really am loving the way it turned out.  The colors really get me.  After struggling so much picking them out and agonizing even after purchasing, I am very happy now that I see how nice they look together.

July 3, 2012

To Test or NOT?

I don't comfortable foisting a design on unsuspecting quilters unless I've pieced it myself....although, that's not to say I haven't done it.

I want to test my measurements or the SMRQ and I was thinking of sewing it in muslin and then I got to thinking why not sew it with stash fabric so that I can have a quilt that could be used.  Heck, I could even practice my free motion quilting on it when my new machine gets here.

So, that's what I'm going to do!  I'm not making any promises, but it sure would be nice to sew all day on that tomorrow....

Most towns have cancelled their fireworks shows because of the fire danger in Colorado.  My kids really wanted to go the Denver Outlaws game and show, but M and I couldn't justify the $90.00+ it would have cost to go just for the tickets alone.  (We all know that it would have cost more than that because we'd probably eat somewhere first and get stuff at the game.)

We plan on BBQing and whatnot.  This means work for me.  I still hope to get some sewing in.

Happy 4th of July!

July 1, 2012

Tilt and Merge

July!  How can that be?!

I've been busy working, enjoying my summer, and goofing off.

Sewing on Paper, the new paper piecing blog that I started for Kristen and I, is up and running.  It's been slow going for the fact that I've had a bit of a mental block with the whole thing.  Thank goodness for Kristen and the support of friends.  Kristen has designed a series of blocks for The Nightmare Before Christmas BOM.  The first pattern, July, is up as of today.

Check it out!

Hmm....I've also reopened the Twilight Quilt Patterns site.

I'm having another small issue.  I've misplaced my thumb drive that has a lot of the EQ7 files on it.  My disorganization was bound to bite me in the butt.  I've got files all over the place of projects in different stages of design.  The thumb drive had some finished designs and some of the ones that I've worked on at work.  I hope I can find it.

During my time away, I discovered Merge in EQ7 by chance.  It's the coolest feature.  I've also figured out how to combine it with Tilt.  Why is this important?  Well......  A certain quilt has been ignored forever because I could design it in EQ like I wanted to.  One might say that my reverse engineering of the Stephenie Meyer Quilt hit a major speed bump.

I've had some success the past couple of days with the design.  I'm having trouble with the red sashing strips.  I may just leave them as they are coming out unless I can figure out that part in EQ7. The most important thing for me will be that the finished center medallion will finish the correct size up to the checkerboard part so that thes little squares are the right size.  The rest of the quilt can be adjusted easily enough based on the finished size of this medallion.