July 11, 2012

Modern Bargello, Update

The quilt top is finished....kinda, sorta.

I'm still debating whether or not I will quilt this at home.  I have a machine to do it on as of yesterday, but there is still something holding me back.

If I do quilt it at home, I will quilt each strip individually using the methods learned in Ann Peterson's Craftsy class.  (Sorry, too lazy to link again.  I've talked about this class many times before.)

I really am loving the way it turned out.  The colors really get me.  After struggling so much picking them out and agonizing even after purchasing, I am very happy now that I see how nice they look together.


  1. I think that it really gorgeous...... love black with bright colors.....

  2. Your quilt is really cool! I love your interpretation.


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