August 12, 2012

I almost forgot! KMA Twilight Quilt

This one is on me because I forgot.  It will be done!  I can't not do it.  I also feel like I can since I'm getting better at EQ7.

There was the problem of the trees.  I could still paper piece and I might still....  I'll provide a pattern even if I don't.  I could also applique as suggested.  I worked on this today.

The quilt is inspired by Elizabeth:


  1. ok- you just have to tell me what KMA stands for. Otherwise I'll be calling it the kiss my *@s quilt. That's what KMA stands for in my family. LOL

  2. Yes, it is Kiss My A$$ quilt. I'm not very subtle, am I?!

    1. There is always more to the story with me.....

      Sharing and collaborating was all good when we were "friends" in the group. The layout was given to me so I could make a quilt, too. Ideas and patterns were shared back and forth. Copyright laws were even broken, HA,all in the name of "friendship."

      Little did I know....


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