September 28, 2012


My family and others are pretty mad at me right now.....

I've stopped doing.  I'm about 75% over caring if people upset with me.  (I still care a little and this little bit has almost caused me to cave on more than one occasion.)  I don't do a whole lot of anything unless accomplishing a task is of some benefit to me.

Selfish much?!  Probably....

Before anyone worries too much about the family they are still being fed, homework help given, and driven to and fro.  I cook at minimum, though.  I do laundry when I need something.  I've stopped reminding people to clean up after themselves and fretting about housework.

I almost done going through the fabric.  I have kept my promise to myself and given about half of it away.  It got tougher as I moved through the colors of fabric.  I really tried to be discriminating and only keep what I thought I would use so I kept most of my tone on tone fabrics, but gave away a lot of novelty fabrics and other prints.  I kept most of my UFOs.

I haven't been designing much.  I designed a quilt for Quilts of Valor, pulled fabrics, but I haven't started it.  I haven't started any commissioned quilts.

I think I'll be able to get back to quilting sometime in the future.  I honestly think I'm going to let 2012 pass and try to start anew in 2013.  Who knows?!

My dad was SUPER and got me my sewing table for the Juki sewing machine I got for quilting.  I was an idiot and didn't realize that I needed an acrylic insert to make the table a flatbed around my machine so I ordered that, but there's a delay for manufacturing it.  I hope it ships next week....

That's about it!

Hanging in there.

Counting down until BD2.


  1. i was in my fifties before i figured out all of that, Shannon, so you are ahead of the game in my book...

    guess what?!? HPV not the virus is back from the long arm quilter and i have the binding on it - still have to do the label (with the new name "girls' night out" and decide about whether or not to embellish it with leaf beads (i'm leaning towards not) and it will be DONE ... it's taken close to four years to get it this far, but those years would have passed whether or not i'd worked on HPV, right?!?

  2. Go Shannon!!!! It needs to be all about you sometimes....... :)


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