October 3, 2012

Fandom has Done it Again

I can't stay away.  I always have to keep track of what other people are up to.....  I have to have something to do in the hours I'm not sewing.  I really should get a new hobby.

Shocker of shockers, Fandom has posted another one of "the fabulous one's" patterns called House of Vampires.

The block looks suspiciously familiar and here is why.

(I don't see any of this mentioned on either blog.)

In 2009, I went to Utah so that I could see the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt displayed at the Springville Museum of Art.  Elizabeth had entered it in the annual quilt show at the museum and the quilt had one first place in the group quilting division.  I met up with Iris, we shared a hotel room, and Elizabeth took us both around town for the days of our stay.

I brought a packet of patterns with me to give to Elizabeth.

We were all about sharing then.  We were all about a lot of things.  Patterns and ideas were free flowing back then because we were all friends.

She was very well aware that I was printing them from the Electric Quilt Town and Country Patchwork software.  I printed a pattern for every house from that software so that she could have them.  I offered them up because she liked the block I had altered for the Edward and Bella Cottage block and hinted that she would like the patterns.  One of those houses is this pattern for House of Vampires with an insignificant addition of steps and a slight tweaking of the roof....which is another direct rip of the roof I used for my Edward and Bella's cottage block in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.


I'm think I'm glad I've gotten this off my chest.


  1. :( aw Shannon.......you can't catch a break...... sending hugs!!

  2. Damn! it never ends does it. I thought that house looked familiar when I saw it,especially who submitted it.


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