May 29, 2012

Life and Quilting Go On Because They Have To....

How easy it was for me to stop blogging...

I even stopped visiting my own blog for awhile even just to see who else was visiting or to use my Blog List to visit my favorites.

I've been working on quilt and busy with other things. I'm sewing binding finally and I will be done with the darn quilt.  The quilt has brought forth my uglies and made me question myself as a quilter once again.  I've disappointed myself by rushing through the machine quilting and do a slacker job.  I was doing pretty well and even made it through some stitch-in-the-ditch before giving into the urge just to finish the darn thing.  I wanted to mark the quilt this time because I knew that it would help me be more uniform in quilting a design, but I caved and just started quilting without a plan.  Darn it all!  I could have done a much better job.... 

I can also say that I was pretty perturbed and alienated by the FIS incident and so I'm feeling really deflated right now.  My biggest annoyances is that I let them get to me and that I reacted.

I hope I feel better about quilting soon....

On a more postive note, I hear tell that EQ7 will be used by those close to my heart.  YAY!  I won't have to design anything.  HA!

Music always manages to make me feel better.  Cider Sky, one of my favorite groups from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack has two new tracks that are available on ITunes.  Check them out!

May 17, 2012

All Nastiness Aside.......

I write this post in support of my friend Kristen and for my own self-preservation.

There is an interesting post over at FIS.....  I believe that the post is directed at Twilight Quilt Patterns, Kristen, and I, specifically, over the Twilight Hands pattern and the Simple Vampire Baseball pattern.  (The site has recently experienced a number of visits from Texas, Utah, and Australia linking to those patterns.)

Why would I think so?  There is that much bad blood and I think that Elizabeth went crying to Jennifer after seeing the baseball block on this blog after I posted the Wedding Dance block on the TwiMoms Facebook page.  The vitriol is spewing at the FIS Facebook page with the link to their blog post referenced above.......

(I also believe that someone saw Kristen's Flickr.  I can't blame her for wanting to show off her work and to think that it would be well received.  She is new to this "game" afterall.......)

Neither one of us have been contacted to discuss this matter.

I'm torn as to whether or not to address the matter or make any agruments.  By even addressing this matter, I have a lot of fears.  I'll be dredging up the past once again....when I had finally let go enough not to care anymore about the others and to not expect any resolution in my favor.   Why is that I immediately thought FIS was talking about me?  Do I have a guilty conscience? NO! Did I expect something like this to happen? YES!  I am stung by the accusations of fraud and thievery.....very strong accusations, indeed!  (.....methinks you protest too much.) 

I am terrible at clearly and concisely debating or arguing over anything just ask my husband.  I have been very clear since this blog has come to be about my past history with Twi-Quilters and FIS, my design methods, motives, and, specifically, my plans for recreating the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt for which I had an integral role in designing and making.  I ultimately do not believe that anything I say will persuade any of their disciples from believing that I am not in the wrong.

Even if the post isn't directed at me, I would have the same point of view.

I  believe in my heart and my mind that I had every right to draft Twilight patterns and reproduce those in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.  I have held this opinion since the very beginning.  I would hold the same opinion without my long, complicated, and tortured history.  I challenge anyone's assertion that they have exclusive control and the sole design privilege for any fandom quilt patterns or any items or symbols in the public domain.

Is there only allowed to be one pattern by one designer in this world? I get the impression that FIS thinks that they are the only group of people who are allowed to be fan-atics and design paper piecing patterns. Really?!

The most interesting fact in this whole situation is that my passion for design was a direct result of my need for good patterns.  Ones that were made in the superior Electric Quilt program.  Ones that didn't have formatting issues.  Patterns that could actually be pieced accurately.  Patterns that were more refined depictions of the of elements from the Twilight books that I so desperately love.

Anyone who has followed this blog and read the numerous posts about how I drafted the two Twilight Hands patterns can clearly attest to the fact that I took the Twilight Book cover image in photo and drawn form to create the patterns directly from it.  I did not copy the existing pattern.  (I have a feeling that my Version 2 pattern is the one that is being questioned.  I wrote about that pattern's design process in this post and clearly linked the DragoArt drawing as the foundation image that was used to create my pattern.)  There are distinct differences in the patterns, also.  Yes, there are similarities but there isn't a way to avoid them as the all patterns have been created from the same image.

I truly believe that my patterns are more detailed and, simply, more accurate depictions of the Twilight book cover.

My block made from the other pattern:

Shannon, Version 2:

Shannon, Version 1:

I can discuss the Simple Vampire Baseball pattern in the same manner by request. 

The purpose of this site and Twilight Quilters Coven will continue to be the design and the hosting of Twilight quilt patterns based upon Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series and the movies based upon those books.

We are not here to make any money.  We will never beg for donations, use ads, or beg anyone to buy T-shirts to support a bandwidth.  We are in it for the love.  I don't have any grand designs on writing a book or having patterns in magazine.  (Have you seen Sunbonnet Sue with her umbrella, lately?  I have in at least a dozen other versions.)

The current project by the group is the reproduction of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Quilt that Shannon had an integral role in designing and making. Blocks featured in that quilt will be reproduced or publicized, if purchased or hosted by another site, if not already, in such a way as to enable that quilt to be remade as close to the original as possible. The idea is to also improve on those blocks in all ways possible when needed and to create additional blocks that are a truer and more meaningful depiction of the ideas or images they were based upon.

Deal with it!

May 15, 2012

Scary, Scary

I had to take the Modern Bargello quilt off the design wall to uncover the quilt underneath.  I was actually enjoying piecing this quilt.  I'm two panels away from finishing it.  I was going to use the quilt to practice for the Craftsy class I purchased that teaches how to quilt big quilts on my home sewing machine.  The yellow and orange strips are the only colors left.  (I also need to add some of the black fabric to a couple of strips to complete the red, blue, and green panels.)

I've done the worst thing possible and taken my procrastination to new heights.  I have to finish Sarah's teacher's quilt.  I'm freaking out a lot.... especially, since I forgot I made the quilt bigger.  I thought I had cut out all the necessary flowers, but I'll have to add some more.  I also have to pick floral fabrics for the butterflies and cut them all out.  Oh, and I'm quilting and binding the quilt.  It's only Tuesday, though, so all hope isn't lost.  I have to sew the blocks into rows, though, sew them together, and add some borders, applique, quilt it, bind it.....oooooooooooookay!  Yeah, I'm freaking out.  Thank you to those that said they would have helped me.  I'm such a spaz!

I'm closer to finishing the Modern Bargello quilt.  Maybe I should gift that instead?  C would have a fit since she's claimed MBand so would Sarah, too, since she picked out the pattern for ther teacher's quilt.  Darn it!

May 14, 2012

Inspired: Lydia's Vampire Baseball

Lydia's Vampire Baseball block

Lydia's block is so awesome!!  Lydia used Kristen's Vampire Baseball pattern to expertly piece the block above.  (Check out

Lydia kept her promise....  She used red for home plate and the bases to represent the Nomads that disrupted the Cullen's baseball game.  Snack time!  Lydia alway does an inspiring job picking her fabrics.  Love, love, love the trees....the woodgrain fabric for the bat....the base path fabrics.  Do you see the embroidered laces?!

I've edited the pattern a bit to remove the fabric "threads" like Lydia's above.  (6" Pattern link)


We love you, Lydia!!!

May 13, 2012

From the Lydia Files..... Vampire Baseball

We love to share ideas.....

Lydia has one that is very cool!!

Nomad vampires ruined a perfect game!  They should be represented, don't you think?!

Here are some other ideas:

May 12, 2012

Simple Vampire Baseball By Kristen Nelson

Kristen has drafted a pattern for us to use in the Stephenie Meyer Reproduction Quilt.  We wanted a pattern that included a baseball and bat so that we wouldn't have to use buttons.  Thank you SO much!!  (A baseball player block or a block with more of a vampire baseball logo is in the works.)

Simple Vampire Baseball by Kristen

The pattern is also available at Twilight Quilt Patterns.  (The block needs to be tested in fabric.)

A bit of embroidery might be a nice add.....

One might prefer to do the baseball's threads as embroidery instead of pieced in fabric.

Tree fabric might add a nice touch as placed in the block's setting triangles.

May 10, 2012

Wedding Dance by Kristen

I have posted Kristen's Wedding Dance pattern on Twilight Quilt Patterns.  I hope that it is the first of many.  (The pattern needs to be tested in fabric.)

Wedding Dance

Color Coded Mirror Image (don't let the pink dress and the grey suit throw you)

Kristen created this amazing pattern.  She sent me an image file of her hand drawn pattern.  I loaded that image into EQ7, traced her lines, and printed the pattern as a PDF file using the Cute PDF driver.

Lydia suggested that Wisteria be incorporated as a background fabric element with a Wisteria fabric or with embroidery.  I haven't forgotten how beautiful the movie wedding was!

Kristen has created an embroidery overlay.  Back stitch or Stem stitch the stems, Lazy Daisy stitch the leaves, and Lazy Daisy and French Knots for the flowers.  She suggests glass beads might also be used for the flowers.

(save the picture above and use a photo editing program to print the overlay to your block size)

When Lydia suggested the Wisteria, I started looking for fabric since I avoid embroidery about as much as I avoid applique.  I found some, but the scale seemed off.  I recently searched again and found some that I think might work since there are some larger background pieces in the pattern.

Robert Kauffman's Imperial Collection 8 might work.....

I see that all the colors are available at Fabric Shack.

Something like this fabric might work, too.

Or, these Wisteria fabrics.....

I can't wait to make this block!

Dragging My Feet

I feel like I'm dragging my feet..... a lot.

I'm very sorry!!

I don't know what my problem is.

I feel like I'm letting people down.

I'm finding it hard to pinpoint why I'm having so much difficulty getting stuff done.  I'm procrastinating more than I usually do.

I think I'm afraid of making a mistake, especially with stuff that isn't my own.

As Promised: Blog Background

I can't find one I like....

So, it's plain black for now.

Would it were that I could design one of my own, but I just don't have the time.

May 8, 2012

Sally: Where Have You Been All My Life?

I don't want to leave this special lady out of my posts of adoration.  I have a quilt crush on her.  She's a designer and quilter extraordinaire!  She's one of those people that just manages to get stuff done.  I'm in awe of her quilting accomplishments.  I told her I needed to go hang out with her hoping that some of her MOJO would rub off on me.

She's my quilting hero!  It doesn't hurt that she's quick to defend me even when I don't deserve it....


I can believe that she's almost done piecing the Breaking Dawn Fabric Poster quilt.

I'm sure she'll have it quilted soon after she gets it pieced!

Can you believe that she also made a tote bag for a swap at them same time?  Yep!  And, to think she doesn't think she got it done fast enough....  LOL

P.S. I've asked for vacation in June and July....  just saying!

Love, Shannon

May 7, 2012

A Break in the Non-Action: Modern Bargello

I worked on another row of the Modern Bargello quilt.  I like the way it's coming together.  I find it hard to pick a favorite color.  The last row I finished, red, is my favorite now.....  The started the blue row last night.  Picking out the right fabrics has been very difficult.  I found a cool line of fabric at my lqs for the blues and yellows.  The fabrics are gradated through the width of the fabric.  I ended up buying one more separate fabric to make up the five.  I wasn't smart enough, though, and only bought 1/4 yds when I needed 1/2 yds to allow for the two 6" blocks in the rows.  I'll be headed back to the shop this week.

The Modern Bargello pattern is Mary's.  Thanks again for posting it and allowing me to make this quilt!

Behind that quilt, is the quilt I should be working on.  The teacher quilt I started and then avoided because of the applique.  School is almost over.  I better get back to it soon.....

May 4, 2012

Kristen's Slide Show: Believe it!

Kristen has been Twilight quilting for awhile. She has many other fandom interests, too. Her drawing board is full of some really cool blocks and ideas to share!  I hear that a Nightmare Before Christmas BOM is in the works!

Kristen is truly selfless and has been a wonderful source of support and inspiration.

Thank  you!

May 3, 2012

I forgot to Mention

I worry if I gush too much that people will think me insincere.

This couldn't be farther from the truth!

I wanted to specifically thank Lydia again in my last post for more than testing the latest block.

She truly is a life saver......

She took some of those first blocks and made them.  Her doing so gave me the confidence to dabble a bit more.  I would have given up if it hadn't been for her.

I am finally.......screaming from the rooftops...............FINALLY ready to move on.  (Yes, I know I've said it before!)

I single Lydia out in this post not to exclude anyone else, but only to thank her as being the spark for the other relationships I have developed these past months.

I'll be looking for a new blog background in the next couple of days.  I'm open to suggestions.  I'm just that ready!

Lydia's Bella's Transformation: The Morphine Effect

I'm still busier than an accountant during tax season, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I was reminded this week that my kids only have 13 days left of school as of today.  Soccer and lacrosse will be over in two weeks, too.  I shouldn't think that we won't be busy this summer with other activities, but I'm hoping that life will slow down a bit.  (I'm fooling myself a bit.....)

I've been neglectful of the blog.  Google charged me for another year of site hosting so I guess you're stuck with me.  I better get busy so I can get my money's worth.

Lydia finished the Bella's Transformation block and it is AWESOME!

Lydia, Bella's Transformation:  The Morphine Effect 8" block

Her fabric choices are wonderful, as always.  I'm so happy that she gifted me with some of the red heart fabric.  The fabric pattern looks like veins!  I love the orange flame fabric with the yellow because it really makes the flames look more realistic as paired with yellow flames and achieves the effect I was looking for when I made the pattern.  It also proves a point that fabric really can make a difference.  (I almost scrapped the block because I didn't like how the flames looked, but Lydia's fabric makes me feel like I was successful, afterall.)  I'm so thrilled that she made this block.  I think the syringe looks a lot like the one in the movie....

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

There is just one tiny area that I need to fix.  I'm going to try to do that.  Lydia says it's not that big of a deal.  I'm even having trouble seeing it with the naked eye, but if you zoom you can see it.  I think I need to straighten or match or one of the lines a tiny bit.  While I'm doing that, I might has well check them all.

(In working on Kristen's grizzly bear and my Crystal Heart pattern, I tried to remember to use the zoom function of EQ7 to make sure that the lines matched up better.  I don't think I did often enough with the Transformation block.  Shame on me!)

She also was kind enough to share that the block is a bit difficult to piece.  I was afraid of that because of all the match points.  I don't know if I can do anything about that aspect without changing the block more than I want to....or, really, know how to do.

The pattern is located at Twilight Quilt Patterns.