I'm an avid quilter and Twilight fan.  My story isn't really that different. I read the books, became immediately enthralled, and started looking for people who were fans. I've taken a couple of trips as a fan, read the books more times than I can count, and continue to scour the 'Net daily for news. I'm happy to share more of my personal Twilight story with anyone who wants to know.

My life is pretty busy. I'm a married mom with four children. I work outside the home. I make time to quilt whenever I can because you HAVE to make time to do what you love.

I've quilted for over ten years. My favorite construction method is paper piecing even for traditional blocks. I collect quilt fabric, magazines, and books.

The whole time I was reading Twilight I was also thinking about how I would quilt it. Design has never been my thing because of a lack of confidence so I occasionally searched the 'Net for Twilight + Quilting and eventually came across a couple of Twilight quilt projects that I tried.

I belonged to the group that made the Twilight Quilt for Stephenie Meyer which was successfully gifted to her in 2010. I'm very proud to say that the award winning quilt was designed based upon many of my suggestions and that I made six of the quilt blocks including the center square depicting the Twilight book cover. I'm sad to say that my participation ended with that group in the Fall of 2009 after a serious disagreement.

My blocks: Twilight Hands (center square--modified without permission by Elizabeth Mills), Emmett/Rose Grizzly Bear, Alice/Jasper Crystal Ball, Lion/Lamb, Edward/Bella Wedding Dance, and Edward/Bella's Cottage.

I could never give up on quilting Twilight, though, so here I am.