Twilight (Mystery) Quilt

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This page is dedicated to the Twilight (Mystery) Quilt.  The page will be updated as needed.  The page will contain all links for patterns, pictures, and anything else that I feel is appropriate.

**This page has been edited on 7/6/11**

Twilight Mystery Quilt:  Getting Started

The quilt measures 60"x78" as drawn.
Here are the fabric estimates:

White, 2.5 yards (checkerboard and broken ribbon border)

Black, 2.0 yards (checkerboard and broken ribbon border)

Red #1 (lighter shade for broken ribbon border), 1/2 yard

Red #2 (darker shade for broken ribbon border), 1/4 yard

Red #3 (framing strips for feature blocks), 1/4 yard (not a FQ)

Red #4 (book names strips), 1/4 yard

***fabric amounts are estimated and generous for most

***fabric amounts don't include yardage needed for Twilight Hands Book Cover Block, tulips, chess pieces, book cover names, backing nor binding

***fabric amounts were calculated for traditionally pieced blocks

(I will provide both instructions for traditionally pieced blocks and paper pieced blocks when applicable.  I am less precise in cutting fabric and always use oversized pieces when I paper piece.)

The outline drawing for the quilt top.

(*edited 7/6/11, resectioned)

The outline drawing of the quilt is highlighted to show how the quilt has been sectioned for piecing.  The quilt design is such that the blocks won't be pieced block by block into rows.  Piecing the blocks into sections as shown will also allow for the applique to be completed by combined sections.

Instructions will include directional seam pressing suggestions.  (Some people like to press their seams open.)

Sections 6 and 7 are a good place to start.

Step 1 (click link for PDF pattern file) Section 6 and Section 7

Step 2 Section 1 (click link for PDF)

Step 3 Section 2 (click link for PDF)

(see blog Sidebar for links to Twilight Hands/Book Cover block)

Step 4: Section 3 (click link for PDF)

Step 6: Section 5 (click link for PDF)